Spectating via Qizmo

Tuesday 23rd May, 2006 | Skip to comments (0)

First of all we need to find a Qizmo.

Start All Seeing Eye and look for a qizmo with a cam on it. If you found one, copy the ip (select server then press ctrl+c).

Tutorial - Qizmo 1

Step 2
Now start quake and type

connect then press ctrl+v
connect (in this case)

press enter to connect to the qizmo.

Tutorial - Qizmo 2

Step 3
We need binds to control the qizmo menu. We do this by typing

.menu binds

Tutorial - Qizmo 3

Step 4
Press ~ to get out of the console, now we see the qizmo menu. Press your [downarrow] key to select client list. Press [enter]

Tutorial - Qizmo 4

Step 5
The following menu will show up.

Tutorial - Qizmo 5

We need to select observe, we do this by pressing the [rightarrow] 2 times.

Tutorial - Qizmo 6

Now select the cam by using the [up-] or [downarrow] then press [enter] to observe the cam.

Tutorial - Qizmo 7

You’re now connected and watching the game through a qizmo-cam.

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