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Tuesday 26th December, 2006 | Skip to comments (5)

Do you miss the days when everyone was creating bunch of great QuakeWorld flicks? Well, don’t worry we are here to bring it back!

QW Drama is proud to present the first competition of “frag of the week” series!

To compete in this contest you only need one shot, turn it into avi format and upload it to us. That’s right, YOU need to make it, not some professional editor from local designing company.

In this competition we don’t give rat’s ass about graphics, effects and whatsoever. The main goal is just to show your fabulous frag(s) to the public. Your frag(s) can be funny, stupid, amazing, mind-blowing but there must be atleast one FRAG in your video entry.

By the end of each week the QW Drama crew gathers to decide who deserves to win the contest.

Here are the few rules we are still going to have to use:

  • Game: QuakeWorld
  • Max filesize: 10mb
  • Max video length: 30 seconds
  • Max resolution: 640×480
  • 1st person view prefered (camviews acceptable to explain weird frag)
  • 1 entry per person
  • Only divx/xvid codecs allowed (for now)

Incase you don’t know how to make a video clip take a look at our how you can make your QuakeWorld video clip tutorial.

Have fun and Happy fragging!

5 responses to “Frag of the week contest”

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Monday 1st January, 2007

let's start gibbin'!

Wednesday 3rd January, 2007

how many have you received up to this date?

Wednesday 3rd January, 2007

You can view all entries (and post your own) at the Frag-of-the-week section. So far 6 entries! Keep on gibbing!

Thursday 14th August, 2008

FOTW dead ?

Thursday 14th August, 2008

Nah, it's QW that is dead :) and unfortunately making a video clip is too much of work for some people...

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