How to make a QuakeWorld video

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First of all you need EzQuake to pull this off.

- Download ezQuake
- Download Xvid


demo_capture_codec “xvid”
demo_capture_dir “movies”
demo_capture_fps “25″
demo_capture_mp3 “0″
bind z “demo_capture start 30 name.avi”
bind x “demo_capture stop”

Now you can start playing the demo and demo_jump to the right time. Press the button ā€œzā€ and it will record for 30 seconds. If you want it to stop sooner just press ā€œxā€.

The avi is located in Quake\Movies\.

Now go to here and upload your movie!

* if you get tabbed out to windows, its because of the xvid settings. We can fix this by following these 2 steps:

  • Go to “start”, click “run” copy + paste this line below
    C:\WINDOWS\system32\rundll32.exe xvidvfw.dll,Configure
  • Then click “other options” and unclick the “display encoding status” (located at the bottom)

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Monday 1st January, 2007


Wednesday 3rd January, 2007

better try this!

Sunday 7th January, 2007

It should be mentioned that demo_capture only works on Windows... So the links at the top for Linux/MacOS is kinda redundant.

Monday 8th January, 2007

ok thanx did not know this!


Monday 15th January, 2007

the program fraps is also nice and easy, maybe ppl who had problems with this would like to try fraps.

Thursday 18th January, 2007

if you get a bunch of .tgas this works flawlessly;
mencoder mf://*.tga -mf w=800:h=600:fps=25:type=tga -ovc copy -oac copy -o output.avi

Sunday 21st January, 2007

mushi, fraps is a bad thing! ezquake has a perfect capturing-possibility, stick to it!

Thursday 24th May, 2007

linux kung-fu guide from faustov. -> Mencoder Howto

Wednesday 17th December, 2008

... the ezquake (1.9.2) says that mac users can use the demo_capture command, but im having issues.

/demo_capture 10 video.avi


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