Goldrush: a place where SR luck has no power

Sunday 8th April, 2007 | Skip to comments (17)

There has been a nice flow of activity lately (both being relaunced and ezquake heavily developed), but they aren’t the only guys staying up at night working for the qw community.

qwdrama proudly presents a new website in the qwdrama network: Goldrush

This is a site where you can gamble on QuakeWorld games. The idea is to bring a little more drama and joy to the games that are being played.

Goldrush screenshot

Since the odds for each game are impossible for us to decide, we figured: you decide the odds! The odds are changed dynamicly, based on how many users that bet on each option which makes the odds realistic. If 50% bet on player/team A and 50% on B, the odds will be 2:2 as it should.

The site is still in development and will be beta-tested for a period of 20 days. However, the functionality is very good and there shouldn’t be any problems with the features currently present.

Each user starts with $250 (minimum bet is $10), the user with highest balance 2007-04-28 wins the beta-period. After that, the balance for each user will be reset and we will take suggestions to improve Goldrush into consideration before relaunching the full version.

Also in the close future, winners of Frag of the week will be awarded with Goldrush money.

Enough talking, start gambling!


Goldrush 1.0 Featurelist

  • Comments on bets/games
  • Bet modes (besides outcome of the game)
    • Frag count (>= x, first to x frags, last frag, first frag etc)
    • Most quads/pent/bores/teamkills etc
    • More coming
  • Advanced leaderboard and statistics system
  • Auto-login

Goldrush wishlist

  • Accumalative bets / “ticket”s (multiplying the odds, have to win all the games in the “ticket”)

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Sunday 8th April, 2007


Monday 9th April, 2007

same thing that will come on soon :(

will be nice to have two sites with the same system.
odds will be fun to compair between the sites

Monday 9th April, 2007

I have already got a couple of nice suggestions for the 1.0 version, keep em coming!

I will add comments on bets/games tomorrow (today) when I wake up. Cheers.

Monday 9th April, 2007

"soon" as in about 3 years? :P

Monday 9th April, 2007

Nice, qwdrama = #1

Monday 9th April, 2007

hum.. Would be nice to bet on 4on4 games :) this kenya 1on1 aint fun ;(

Monday 9th April, 2007

Ye we are gonna add as many games as possible. But we need to know a certain date/time to prevent abuse (bet when game is already played etc).

Monday 9th April, 2007

this is really imba. impressive!

Monday 9th April, 2007


Tuesday 10th April, 2007

Please support OpenID. Will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Sunday 15th April, 2007

In Leaderbord maybe display "Totals" instead of "Balance"? (Totals = Won - Lost) Those who always "invest" all money in some bets will always be on 0, that's not fair :p

Monday 16th April, 2007

JohnNy_cz: Yes I agree the leaderboard isn't fair atm. I will make changes so its based on totals when I update.

Wednesday 18th April, 2007

Here's some of the suggestions i managed to gather

1. If balance on scoreboard, then sum it up with aactive bets imho.
2. Allow more betting modes (win OR mapscore [with properly better money to win]
3. Accumulate bets (maybe just reuse some "cart" from a shopping system, could be easy)
4. Implement some nice stats (like, highest win, highest loss, most bets, etc.)

Wednesday 18th April, 2007

You already have an account. cant register

Wednesday 18th April, 2007

hfg: This occurs when someone with the entered email or ip already have registered. Msg me at IRC and i'll create you an account manually.

Thursday 19th April, 2007

can we please have the site use cookies so I dont have to login every time =)

Thursday 19th April, 2007

Yes I will consider that aswell =)

I won't to any changes until the beta testing is over. Things seems to work good but I have to re-build parts of the system to introduce new features.

First of all we are gonna make it more fun by adding game modes to all games. So besides that you bet on the outcome of a game, you can bet on frag count, most quads/pents/bores/teamkills etc.

There will also be a more advanced leaderboard and statistics system.

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