Phantasy: “QuakeWorld will never die “

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From the depths on northern Sweden i managed to get a hold of one of my favorite players and he humbly accepted my interview proposal. yagshemash.

Hey phantasy slide and duelmaster! Welcome and please introduce yourself

My name is Martin Börjesson, I’m 24 years old and currently living in Luleå, Sweden.

Where does the nick Phantasy come from?

I can’t remember where it came from, so I always say it came from of my lack of fantasy :)

What have you been doing since you last played quake, other games, work, school? What made you install it again? (did you try nquake?)

I’ve been concentrating on my studies, but I’ve always played a little from time to time when I was in the mood for it. I’ve also played World of Warcraft until I got tired of it a couple of months ago. Since then I’ve completed university and I am currently
temporarily employed during the summer. Quake has always been installed :) It’s one of the things that I will never remove from my computer. Haven’t tried nquake.

You lost to Reppie in Duelmania 4 in a quite close game, do you think you could have won playing differently or practising more?

Practise is always good, but I don’t think I would’ve won. Reppie is a very good player. But I think I could’ve been a more difficult opponent if I could just play calmly, my nerves can’t handle that kind of pressure :)

Will you win this thursday’s FFA tournament, have you tried the map yet?

I don’t think I will win with my current skills, but I will do my best. I checked out the map a few days ago, seems like a fun map. Haven’t tried it live though. Anyway, I just play for the fun of it!

Are you more of a teamplay guy or a 1on1 wolf?

It varies a lot. Currently I’m into FFA and teamplay. It would also be fun to play some non-random teamplay again too.

LG or RL?

RL ! :) My LG aim is kind of unstable, some days it feels as if I hit everything in sight and others I would barely hit an opponent standing infront of me.So I put more trust in my RL aim. If the opponent is above me I prefer LGthough. I don’t want to use fakeshaft.

The last few interviews i have done i always asked something like, what do you think qw needs to stop dying etc. But now a few month later and EVEN in the summer, it seems to be growing. QuakeWorld is impossible to kill, right?

QuakeWorld will never die ! I’m very happy to see that it’s still active and that I still recognize some of the players. And it is fun to juststart it and play some FFA. I don’t really know what to do to prevent it from dying at some point. Some friends that I’ve tried to introduce to the game thinks it is way toofast for them. But like you said, it is impossible to kill :)

Have you heard about Quakecon and that the main 1on1 tournament is featuring all quake games, with QuakeWorld replacing quake, and with a 50k USD pot in prize-money. What player will have the highest chance of winning, a quake1/2/3/4-player? or maybe a player that is accomplished in more than one game like purri?

I’ve heard a little about it, but haven’t really looked into it all that much. Sounds like a fun tournament. I’m not really up-to-date anymore with the quake-series, never even played quake 2 and 4 in multiplayer, but I would guess that a player that has done well in some/all of the games at some time would have the highest chance of winning.

Will we see you at qhlan 11?

I don’t think I will attend. But it depends on how real life looks at thetime and if I’m in the mood for it. I also have to get there somehow. It was really fun last time I was there though, so it would be fun to be there again.

Have you checked out the Quakeworld wiki?

Yeah I’m browsing it from time to time, it’s very informative. Keep up the good work !

Have a great day man I am your biggest fan! :-)

Thanks, you too ! It feels good to have someone cheering for me :D

And as a treat we bring you an oldschool demo from ‘99: (courtesy of Manulito)

Phantasy V LakermaN duelling on dm2

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Tuesday 17th July, 2007

who is this phantasy???

Tuesday 17th July, 2007

lol some unknown guy i guess :))

Wednesday 18th July, 2007

who is this razor and sassa?

Wednesday 18th July, 2007

I heard phantasy was mawe?

[17:38] whats this i hear mawe = phanatsy

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