Will NNQL step up their game for season2?

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A lot of people that played in the first season of NNQL probably felt like the league had some flaws… or some of them might even go as far as to say that the above is an understament. If you check through the divisions, you will see that not even one single team managed to play all of their games. This statistic is something rather unacceptable, if the guys behind NNQL ever want their league to be considered as good and respected as leagues like NQR or EQL. Sure, the same thing happens in EQL/NQR as well - Some clans are unable to play all of their games, but please, not even one single team out of hundreds of teams that signed up? Shame on you.

So obviously there is a problem somewhere… or couple of them. One of the problems must have been the size of the divisions. The fact that teams had to play 19 games during the group stage might already be enough reason for some teams to just drop out, because it’s just way too much. It seems that NNQL admins thought that if they give the teams enough time, playing 19 games wouldn’t any problem. Well, I guess we can safely say that they were wrong.

Because exactly that, the huge timeline given to the teams, was one of the problems as well. Five months time to play some 2v2 games? Where is the excitement? Nowhere to be found. Why? Lack of organising during these five months.

The first season of NNQL was like just some tournament that was running in the background that nobody really cared about. Although in the beginning of season 1, one of the admins kept spamming his capslock in messages, this didn’t really help, it was more like an annoying nuisance. Even if it is a QuakeWorld league, you can still promote and advertise it just like it were a brand new McDonald’s burger. Just look at what NQR did last season for their finals, they were everywhere. Why? Because they promoted it right and did it big time. Just imagine if they would keep on doing such promoting and coverage for the entire season, they would be BY FAR the most popular quake tournament ever, uncontested some might say.

But having TV-coverage isn’t necessary for success, because number one on the list of who the admins should care about, are the teams and their players. The admins’ job is to make the league run smoothly and make it enjoyable for the players, even if there are a few emo’s and Swedish whiners among them. Running a succesful gaming league isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it is doable, if you just put your time and mind to it. What the NNQL guys really should do is this: gather the admins for an IRC meeting and simply discuss what they did for season 1, what went wrong, what they should improve and HOW they would go about improving it. I’m sure they all remember some angry private messages and they should bring those to the table in the meeting as well. Literally write things down, discuss and ask for help if even one cell in their collective brain says so.

But if you guys come up with another season just like your first one and think that ”I’m cool and I run a QW league! I’m the part of the QW royalty!”, you can just sod off.

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Sunday 26th August, 2007

though as a positive note i would like to say that NNQL was still probably the best 2on2 tourny since
way back.. (if you dont count LAN tournys)
I think i played all 2on2 tournys and they all kind of sucked.. most of them ended before playoff etc :)
NNQL at least had a playoff, and alot of fun teams.
But ye I agree it was still bad compared to the 4on4 tournys and duel.
And if the stuff you mentioned are improved then it would be better.

Sunday 26th August, 2007

heh logo

Sunday 26th August, 2007

razor, that was my sentiment as well when first proof reading this. I don't remember any 2on2 leagues that have gone well besides ones at LANs. One of the problems is that in 2on2 teams, it's almost always _just_ 2 guys and that's it. There are no backup guys or alternate starter lines, just two ppl who get it done with all the other two ppl posse's or don't.

Most of the time ppl get excited about 2on2 and signups are plenty, but these teams are fickle and easier to let go.

But here's one hoping for a good 2on2 league anyway :)

Monday 27th August, 2007

Well... NNQL was more successful than the other 2on2 leagues, I roger that. However, last NNQL was a total disaster for me and my 2on2-buddy. From the ~20 teams in our division, only one team actually tried to contact us, only one team accepted our challenge, and the other ~18 opponents were never to be found. they were either never online, their IRC channel didn't exist and nobody ever replied to our '.qw' messages. In the end we only had 2 games played and I asked the admins to remove my team because it was getting frustrating and boring to never find an opponent.
And now the signups are gonna be open for *3 entire weeks*. To me that sounds like an awfully long time for teams to sign up. Although I hope to be proven wrong, i'm expecting that there's gonna be 3478243 teams signing up of which half will have forgotten that they signed up once the tourney begins. It's NNQL1 all over again. :(

Monday 27th August, 2007

the tourney was soo much better than it would have been.
When I joined the admin team 1 week before the start, they didnt have any real site.
The plans were that players would email the results in or give the admins priv messages.
I got the page from EQL with help of premortem (new design) and i0h (www space) we got the site up and manually added the teams to the list!
It took me and cuky 8 hours to fix.

There were no real plans when I came into the admin team, and im trying to set it up better this time around.
We lack ppl that actually help with tourneys, most ppl just wanna flame the tourneys instead of actually putting some time into running them.

2 new maps will come this time, signups should be open soon enough

ps. "sassa is the aids of qw" © eizid

Monday 27th August, 2007
Åke Vader
Monday 27th August, 2007

The points raised here are ones that i brought up in another topic too. As usual i propose getting rid of the league structure and do it Duelmania style. :p When i signed up last time i did it just to support the activity, but when we noticed there were like 25 games to be played...zzz. :)

Monday 27th August, 2007

I really liked nnql.
sassa du äger.
don't like 2 more maps :|

Tuesday 28th August, 2007

2on2 ftl, seriously

Wednesday 29th August, 2007

Smaller divisions and hopefully no playoffs, that would be nice. And as a last wish the split of divisions could be "east/west" so that there wouldnt be so much hpw playing.

Saturday 8th September, 2007

well, splitting divisions to east/west would be nice, but what if both players in the team come from different countries?

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