QHLAN11: First demos from Day 1

Friday 4th January, 2008 | Skip to comments (1)


First demos from QHLAN are starting to appear on everyone’s favourite demo archive website, Challenge-TV. The demos uploaded so far include some interesting matches from the 1on1 tournament featuring great players like reppie, locust and mawe. For the 2on2 fans there is also couple of nice demo packages of Lege Artis (nabbe & inferno) going head to head against famous 2on2 couple, reppie and razor. Although the 2on2 games are just friendly practise games, they are still definitely worth a watch!



Apparently some of the demos are corrupt but bigfoot has made a program that should fix the problem.

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Friday 4th January, 2008

I watched one of those 2on2 dm4 games on QTV yesterday and it was very nice match.

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