Rock2ober: The biggest Rock2 game of all time

Sunday 5th October, 2008 | Skip to comments (6)

A QuakeWorld Team Fortress fanatic, Andreas, has decided to make one of his dreams reality. His dream is to organize the biggest Rock2 game of all time. He’s not planning on organizing just typical fragging carnage with few people, he wants to make it a BIG one, in fact a HUGE one.

32 players, 16 versus 16, 100 minutes of play, maximum action, Rock2 Quakathon

Those match requirements are obviously a lot to ask for when it comes to the QuakeWorld TF community. Even Andreas himself acknowledges this but despite that he is willing to give it a shot. He’s confident that there are still more than 32 players around and apparently some people have come out of retirement just for this match.

The official match date is yet to be determined but the event has already raised interest of 25 people to signup, only 7 sort of the needed amount. So if you are looking for some TF gibbin’, I guess this is one of your better chances to get it. For more information about the match, check out the event website.

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Monday 6th October, 2008

it's custom tf :/

Wednesday 8th October, 2008

Am I hallucinating, or how come 32 doesn't sound like that much? I know it's been _a long_ time since I played TF or The Rock for that matter, but I was expecting something like 32 vs. 32 or even bigger for the biggest game?

Wednesday 8th October, 2008

I have no idea about this tf/rock stuff. Maybe it's a big game when you take the state of the scene in consideration? Just guessing...

Thursday 9th October, 2008

i'm sure it is but custom tf is pretty much a different game. it's nice to see the intitative but but at first it thought it would be classic quakeworld tf, which i would have signed up for in a heartbeat.
i miss tomtefortress.

Sunday 12th October, 2008

I have been on a full 64-player Russian server years ago. I was younger then and knew no fear.

Monday 13th October, 2008

Hey guys,

It's me Andreas, 'OneManClan'.

The idea behind Rock2ober, is to attempt a 32 player, marathon game, ie a full server! This may be the last time any of us see a 32 player Quake1 game in our lifetimes. So I figure even if you guys arent fans of custom TF in particular, you'll still want to be a part of this. Bear in mind Rock2ober will be played in AGR mode, a brilliant, intense, and teamwork oriented 'Clan simulator', so the action will be doubled. This will be the equivalent of a 64 player match! If you're curious, come along to a Weekly AGR Session to see how it works:

Meanwhile, there are 7 places left in Rock2ober, so be quick to register your interest!


ps. We're still negotiating which server to use - if anyone reading this has access to a server which can handle 32 players (and record the game), PLEASE let me know - people will be talking about this for years, and your server will go down in Quake History!

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