Using The All Seeing Eye (ASE)

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Step 1
Download ASE from here

Step 2
Press next:

Tutorial - ASE 1

Step 3
Press: Auto detect connection settings, then accept and press next again:

Tutorial - ASE 2

Step 4
Press next:

Tutorial - ASE 3

Step 5
You can add your installed games to the list.

Tutorial - ASE 4

Select quakeworld and press browse:

Tutorial - ASE 5

Browse to your quakeworld folder, you can select a .exe and add a command line yourself. Or if you already have a .bat file with the command line in it, you can select the .bat file

Tutorial - ASE 6

Step 6
Press next:

Tutorial - ASE 7

Step 7
Select a gamemode:

Tutorial - ASE 8

Step 8
Press the refresh button (blue/red arrow button or press F5) ASE will scan all the servers.

Tutorial - ASE 9

If you find a server you would like to join, just dubbleclick on the server, quake will be launched and connect automaticly.

***When you’re using a .bat file you need to add %1 %2 in the command line, else it won’t automaticly connect to the server***

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