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The qwdrama crew!

eizid - Author, Wiki admin

Specializes in rumour and drama related articles published on qwdrama. Inventor of “Frag of The Week” and “qwdrama - you tell us” ideas.

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lacsap a.k.a Xterm - Admin

One of the founders of qwdrama and author of the first posts ever on qwdrama.

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Purity a.k.a Owl - Author, Wiki admin

Known for insanely long and well written columns but has lately put most of his time into the QuakeWorld wiki editing and proofreading other authors articles.

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ruskie - Author, Wiki admin

Has contributed to qwdrama by doing many interviews with top players and editing the QuakeWorld wiki.

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Soma - Author, Wiki admin

One of the key contributors of the QuakeWorld wiki and also known for writing some unique articles, just when he finds the ideas.

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XantoM - Founder, lead admin, webmaster

Currently playing in division 1 with Fragomatic. Has been around since 2000 and has ever since contributed to the QW scene, mostly by creating good solid websites.

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cyan (inactive) - Author

Bringing views of an American to the mainly European dominated scene of QuakeWorld.

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murdoc (retired) - Author

Top notch QuakeWorld player who has mainly contributed to qwdrama by writing tutorials but has also written some articles from time to time.

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niomic (retired) - Wiki admin

Info coming soon

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stroller (retired) - Author

Info coming soon

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