murdoc: “We ain’t aiming for a victory”

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I talked with murdoc, from the Slackers, the only Div1 Clan in qw4ever League about custom maps and why they signed up.

So, you are the only Div1 CLan who signed up for qw4ever. Why did you do that, and who’s idea was that?

It was basicly mine/krab/para’s, cuz we are still a bit active during summer and wanted to play some games. Me and para have already some experience with custom maps and I played some custom tourney’s like trickery.

Did you already play some pracs on the maps?

No, we haven’t pracced on any map yet, maybe we go take a walk on the maps soon to check them out.

At this point of stage which map is your favourite, and why?

We discussed this a bit yesterday, i remember our game vs hyphen on cmt1b. We played with purity/murdoc/gijz/springs, we saw the map for the first time and after 5 mins we started to increase our score we even beated the div1 clan hyphen. After that they started whining that we pracced the map 24/7 what was quite funny :). Para also have some expierence on cmt1 map with slackers. He showed some hot screenshots and that.

What is your opinion in ctm1b? Is it suitable for balanced clanwars?

ye its nice, you have 3 important items you want to protect. First priorty is ofcourse RL, so you need 1 camping ya and time rl. Then you have RA+LG close to Pent, and there’s also a quad were you can do some nice quad runs with. But its hard to get a full map lock, cuz there are alot of hiding places so its quite hard to clear out the whole map. And cuz of the pent you can have a full map switch in just a couple of seconds.

Which is your worst map of the three qw4ever maps?

I played midcit before in the custom tourney’s and i liked it too. But i think its quite ez to have a map lock on that map cuz its small. I don’t have any experience with e1m6tdm don’t even know how it looks like so i think that will be our worst map.

If you could choose a map for the qw4ever mappool, which map would that be?

Personally i liked cmt1b and cmt3 most as custom maps, so adding cmt3 would be nice:>

Playing pracs on these maps means that you spend less time with TB3 than other Div1 Clans. Dont you fear that you might lose skill on TB3?

Well, with summerbreak there ain’t no div1 clans at all so we can’t prac tb3 anyway. Playing together on other maps will only increase our teamplay and maybe skill up our personal skillz, unfortunatly insane is leaving for 2 months for summer work. So this is a good time to get krab ready for next eql games now he has a new connex without lag.

Some players claim that such leagues help beginners. They would do more frags against good clans and it wouldnt be a total rape. Do you believe in that statement and are Div1 CLans really interested in maps which are not so easy to dominate?

I can’t speak for the others but i think div2 clans definitely have a better chance on custom maps then tb3. But i also think its just a matter of time/prac for the div1 clans cuz they are tacticly better and have better aim most of the times. If you get a good balanced map like cmt1b/cmt3, i am sure some div1 clans will play it, allthough i wonder if they could pick between dm3 and cmt3 that they would pick cmt3.

What is your prediction for qw4ever?

Hmm, i really can’t tell. Vets, SuddenDeath, Dead Rabbits, looks ok and have more experience on custom maps then slackers i think. So it can go all ways. We ain’t aiming for a victory or anything we just wanted to play during summer and ejoy ourself with another great season of qw.

You make the first step, wanna see more Div1 CLans in qw4ever?

Ye why not, more clans means more games means more fun. Would be nice to see how the div1 clans compete on these custom maps.

Anything you want to say to the qw community :) ?

Yea, i wanna thank the community and my team Slackers for the great seasons i have played qw in. I wouldn’t mind to add another 10 year of Quake. Hagge 3>

Interview by Defcon5

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