qhlan and tentlan

Friday 16th June, 2006 | Skip to comments (0)

The sun is shining, and the swet is running.
YES! Its the sign that tältlan-tentlan is on fire!
Tent-lan is a small lan in lornelins backyard.
15-20 ppl are here and we are just having a blast.

But thats not what im really here to talk about.
No!Last night we had a SLA meeting about qhlan10.
This year we have started to work on qhlan really early.
And we have built a good ground for qhlan so you guys have something to look forward to.

We have talked to the owners of the venue and its almost naild.
The homepage is coming up in the beginning of September.
And that means that we are on our way to make the best qhlan ever!
There is not really much more to say about qhlan because that we talked alot about the practical stuff.

We desided who will crew on qhlan10 and what they will do. We will contact those we have thought about adding to are crew lineup.
We have also given 4 tickets to eql, so the eql4 div1-winners goes in for free. We hope that this will increase the participating in EQL and qhlan.
And we are just about to order the tshirts so they will be here for qhlan10. The t-shirts are included in the entrance-price.

I really don’t have any thing more to say, so instead I’ll let you guys watch some cool pics from tentlan.

melkor is happy
stroller in action
road to teltlan
the tent

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