XantoM - the man behind qwdrama

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Good afternoon Mr Rotkiv aka XantoM! As an introduction, I was thinking you could give us a little information about yourself; Name, Age, Occupation, a brief history of your quake career, and what you like to do on your spare time.

Hellu. My name is Viktor Persson, 21 years old and is currently studying in Norrköping, Sweden. I started playing Quake rather late since I grew up on the country side of Stockholm and we didnt have any decent internet connection. Before 2000 when I got ADSL I had only played Quake a few time at some local LANs and against Frogbot. When I finally got the ADSL I started playing alot of 2on2 and sometimes 4on4 mix games. After a while I decided to join Second for some more serious 4on4 games and to be able to participate in NQR. After that I developed quite fast and first joined EQ then FOM where im currently playing. Besides playing QW I spend alot of time on science, web development, music and sports.

How did this qwdrama project started? and why?

I had thoughts about starting a QW website ever since quakeworld.nu went down. Sometime around new year I discussed this matter with Xterm and we started to spawn ideas.

The quakeworld scene is in need of fresh content to stay alive, not only leagues but also portals where players can find and share information.

Are you satisfied with the result (this far)?

Yes I am, the website has a good structure and is very easy to run.

It has indeed.
What are your intentions and expectations of qwdrama?

I want to help the QW-scene to stay alive and to share QW-related information with others. I hope that people want to help us make this website a good and up-to-date resource for QW and take part in activities of this project.

Nice nice. I guess we are all about to find out! Is there anything else you would like say? 100% uncensored!

I never asked ParadokS for authorization =(

Ok, thank you very much for taking time and good luck ahead.

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