How to spectate games from outside QHLAN

Friday 5th January, 2007 | Skip to comments (3)

Lots of people ask me how I can spectate games from outside QHLAN so I decided to write a short tutorial about it.

  • First you have connect to the public qizmo
    /connect Now that you are “inside” QHLAN you can access all the local servers.
  • Exec default Qizmo bindings by typing .menu bind std. Now your able to navigate through the Qizmo menus.
  • Navigate to the Qizmo server browser. We have to select a source and ping it to get hold of the QHLAN servers.
    • Server browser -> Sources -> QHLAN
    • Server browser -> ping -> Start pinging
    • Server browser -> list
  • Now the serverlist should be filled with all the QHLAN servers (32) and you just have to select one, set “Mode: spectator” and “From: this”.
  • Hit the connect button and you should enter the server!

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Friday 5th January, 2007

And under the control tab make sure you select that you are connecting as a spectator as opposed to a player.

Friday 5th January, 2007

It seems like is still down but I bet they are working on it.

Friday 5th January, 2007

nice work dudes.

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