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Monday 1st January, 2007 | Skip to comments (3)

Over the past few weeks the QW Drama crew has worked hard on making the site easier to use. Along with that we have come up with couple of brand new features and new content for the older categories. We also want to let you know that our QuakeWorld Wiki currently holds nearly 3000 articles already and Purity, one of the crew members is planning to keep on adding more pages as fast as he is capable. You may also have noticed that our forums are gone and the reason why we removed them is that only spambots had interest in to post on them. Without further ado, here is our new features:

New features

  • Frag of the week
  • Media support in posts (avi, mpg, wmv, mp3, wav)
  • Weekly poll
  • Archives by category/author/date
  • Live search
  • Wordpress based for easier publishing and administration
  • RSS Feeds

Biggest props for all these new features and other things definitely belong to XantoM who has put various hours into this project just for your entertainment. All feedback is very appreciated and we will keep on improving this site the way that you have visit us more often that you used to!

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Monday 1st January, 2007

yay! go qwdrama

Wednesday 3rd January, 2007

/ Bra jobbat xanten.

Friday 5th January, 2007

Yay, go for it!

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