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Hello Oddjob!
For those unfamiliar with who you are, perhaps you can tell us a little bit of yourself?

Hi @ you.

I’m a former true quake nerd who played all day long for quite some time and I’ve been playing with tot since 1998.
Now neither me or my teammates play as much and we’re not that good either but its still alot of fun!

ToT is back with a full force once again crowding the nordic qw servers, how and why did the comeback occur?

Me and Error have played almost every nqr/eql except for a few but we’ve been forced to recruite random players which whom nobody heard of, which makes it less fun than playing with your old members which you have met in real life and so on. They have also been known to put their sharpend knifes in our backs quite often ( parasite, sassa, fx and white) etc..

But old members came back like lethal who havent played for 4-5 years or something and now it’s only SlabbY we’re missing.

ToT is put in gold division this nqr-season, what are your expectations?

Yeah its weird isnt it.. don’t forget that we didnt won a single game last fall in eql div2! It was the worst time in ToT-history what so ever.
But this year making it to playofs is what we’re hoping for and not meeting slackers right away which could couse problems for our humble players.

We’ve also gotten a progamer back.. slime. He gives us some needed stability but his best act so far is convincing error that quake is more than comparing shotgun stats with other players.
Then its also a matter of internal affairs, how much we hate eachother and so on, we’ve always been known to whine quite alot on eachother and this is still a big issue and a reason we can never use mm3 for example.

Coming back from a break, how do you “see” the community today? What has changed?

Well, the clients for one, new weird features like fakeshaft makes you wonder what happend to this game but other then that it’s pretty much the same, people seem to whine less about pings those days btw.

A reason may be that people are older and don’t care as much (except for paradoks).

The community has, say the last seven years, been forced to take serious actions to get new players into the scene.
What actions do you think is most important to keep the scene alive? Some revolutionary thoughts maybe?

Im not sure, perhaps the fancy ez-quake graphics helped a bit and that the game is easier to setup etc, but starting with quake is VERY hard, i have two irl-friends who tried for a while and the difference is so huge that its hardly any point trying. I dont think we’re gonna get that many new (young) players, instead just hoping some of the older ones make comebacks, just like many of us.

Having more servers wouldnt hurt either.

Will we see another ToT-brott on next QH-lan?

Heh, probably not since we’re all 25+ and white is 32 I believe not but you’ll never know.

Thanks for all the answers, I wish you the best of luck! Finally, where does the nick slajjer originate?

rolf, the word slaj is what we call cigarettes here and I’ve been known to take a few instead of type’ing ready but for your info only I haven’t smoked for two weeks! More quake to the people!

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Tuesday 13th February, 2007

nice, good to see old players come back :)

Wednesday 14th February, 2007

Hahaha, the goodest interview. Now weve even managed to win 1 game, so weve beaten our eql div 2 performance! :D

Wednesday 14th February, 2007

shit, for me no snus for two weeks now!
a good read anyway.

Thursday 15th February, 2007

-Oddjob, haru nån standardfras på lan?
-Ööhöööö, oiiii.

Friday 16th February, 2007

Ffs oddjob, how old do you think i am, or the sm guys etc... the average age at qhlan 10 was well over 20, dunno exactly but i'd guess around 24-25. =)

There's no such thing as being too old for lans, too busy perhaps, too lazy more likely. =P

Friday 16th February, 2007

Love you guys though... great to see you playing again!

Friday 16th February, 2007

Lornelin true, but wrestle at a lan i dont know, it would kill my back

Friday 16th February, 2007

Slabby is no longer missing.....=)))
I agree with impulse, goodest ever! What would quakeworld be without tot......

Sunday 18th February, 2007

haha slabby :D gg guys

Tuesday 20th February, 2007

yepppps ToT rlllC :)

Saturday 24th February, 2007

zomg, one of my teenage heroes is back! tot > cmf > all!

Saturday 24th February, 2007

noone says wrestle oddjob :P
just play some quake :>

Wednesday 28th February, 2007

A best interview indeed. Now we need to regroup the hangarounds and groupies too, time for some much needed alcoholism. I've got AllGibbur in a vice grip here in GBG. :)

Monday 2nd April, 2007

Hi byrackan

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