How to add your own wiki profile

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Step 1

Go to the QuakeWorld Wiki

Step 2

Register yourself, the button is on the right upper corner

Step 3

Go to the main page and click Wiki Templates:

Step 4

Select the Player template:

Step 5

Click on View source on top of the page and copy the content:

Step 6


Step 7

Click edit on top of the page, paste the template in there and fill it in, for example like this:

Step 8

Now you click on save page and look at the result!

Now you are done creating your own profile. In the same way you can create an article for (dead) clans, just take another template. Some of the basic commands are:

* [[Internal link on the wiki]]

* [External link]

* And the star itself will make it a summing up

Good luck adding!

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Monday 23rd April, 2007

nice work man :)

Friday 15th June, 2007

How's life?
It's time I were off.

Thursday 5th July, 2007

life's great :)

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