Snake: “im going to be a police officer”

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First interview in the drama series, n`joy

Hey snake. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what what do you enjoy doing on your spare time? What do you do for a living?

Name is Marti, Im 25 years old, just left a 6 year IT career behind me. Going to school to be a Police Officer one day. Imagine someone like me, as a cop! ;) On my spare time i usualy ride my motorbike when the weather is good. Or else i just spend time with my girl. Or i abuse people over the internet as im used to x)

You are known for being quite the drama person in the qw scene. Is that the way you are or just the way qw makes you?

Well, i’ve spent quite a good amount of time on the internet. So i think the net has formed me into what i am. Most people that know me knows what a big as whole i am. Though i like it. I like when people get mad, becuase then i play better, and they play alot worse =). I Aint like this in real life, though, there’s a movie of me on youtube telling the opposit. The movie was a joke, but it all went out of proportions!

Do you play wow or online poker?

I dont play any new online games. I dont think anything will take my life away as quake did. Nothing in the world can have that affect on me, not even any girl on the planet :)(

I havent seen you on the servers or posting on chtv for a while. Do you still want to fire up that good ol quake sometimes?

Sometimes i come back to quakenet to chat with some old friends. But i discover that most of ‘em are long gone. I have quake on my computer, last week i was online spectating some guys. Id really want to start playing again, problem is that im living in Norway. I only got 0.25mbit here. But hey, you know my skill so i might try it soon.

Almost no new players and lots of player retiring. Is quake to good to die ? Will there be a scene left?

About 4 years ago i thought that quake was completely dead. But even to this day, people are playing. And its a bit of a seasons game now. This game will prolly be gone in 6-7+ years.

Even thou you dont play anymore, do you still watch etc to se whats going on?

Ye i saw the QWDrama page just a couple of weeks ago. I think its good that people are still willing to put time into the community. If those people wasnt there, the game should have died 5 years ago, atleast!

Is there any games you remember really good from the days you played. and put them all in /demos/snake-owned-player-x/ :)?

Haha ofcourse i remember some very funny and good games. One of the best all time favourites is when i played for HGC, and we beat LA in Smackdown semis on DM2. Also when i won over ZR-Rock back in 2001. I was in Ireland with 120+ ping playing him on a .fi server. Alot oftrashtalk with ApokA Raket, Greco, Para and alot of other very funny guys =)

Simple question, dm2 dm4 or dm6?

Dm4 for ez-demos @ chtv and dm2 with insane, raket, billy

How long have you been playing quake? does the community change over the years, or just same ol same ol?

I’ve been playing since Late 96, started of in a clan called Jägarna [HB]. The scene was VERY good from 96-99, then it has gone up and down. But its alot harder to be top player nowdays

Do you have any favorite qw players? Is there any player you hate? :)

Alot of good players, but aKKe has always been my favourite. Manulito and his crew never understood irony. They aint no idols of mine so to say =)

Is there anything that would make you do an instant comeback?

I will do a come back when i get a good internet connection. I see that some players are getting too much attention, the scene needs someone to get them down to earth, quick!

Say anything you want, and do it now!

Final words, this game has given me the best and the worst moments of my life. I’ve got some very good friends, and ALOT of very bad =) Thanks for your time mate. /mr40%+

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Tuesday 13th March, 2007

haha snake!
I remember you playing for Swe in the NT tourney and loosing dm4 to some newbie!

Tuesday 13th March, 2007

To some noob? Yea i lost to reppie mofo x)

Wednesday 14th March, 2007

Heh didnt u go to som e thaiboxing stuff snake? :E how did u end up in subpolar norway ;E

Wednesday 14th March, 2007

fausto probably because it's more entertaining to beat up those metalheads in norway? :P

Thursday 22nd March, 2007

Fuck you snake. I hate cops. You are an idiot. :(

Monday 26th March, 2007

Snake u idiot! wtf, are u going to be a cop? omg! Whats happening with our world.. there is already more bad cops than good cops ;)
GL in school 20%-snake!

/Mr. IBeatUsoGoodInPovdmm4

Tuesday 27th March, 2007

first time i saw that clip with you snake i laughed my ass off, when you are saying "NÄÄ MEN HUR FAN KAN JAG BLI TELEFRAGGAD AV DIG VARENDA GÅNG KLAS?!" hahahaha så klockren

Thursday 29th March, 2007

I thought I was the only qw player becoming a police officer! You going to Sörentorp snake? I'm in Växjö as we speak and soon it's "Ordning och trygghet" on the schedule... Aggressivitet, kanske de visar filmen ovan... B]... Good luck B].

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