Plazmaz: “OK, going to find some food.”

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Plazmaz is a newcomer to Quakeworld and is a current student in The Dojo. Let’s probe his thoughts.

How did you first hear about Quakeworld?

I was actively playing CS in early 2006 and I was bored one day so I decided to play Deathmatch Classic. I remember playing a map that is a copy of QW’s DM3 in an FFA and I was doing terrible. One player told me about QW and to google def’s setup.

I downloaded it and quickly learned some basic configuration and here I am now. Although I only watched demos and spectated some matches until late 2006 becuase I was too busy with CS :X

What is your opinion on Quakeworld’s learning curve?

It’s massive. I remember watching matches and thinking the best players were the ones who moved the fastest. The truth hit me when I played my first few matches and lost by a margin of more than 40 frags on DM6. In CS, you can get the basic ideas of the weapons and maps relatively quickly but in QW, the items and control of them add layers of depth.

What kind of game do you prefer in Quakeworld: 1on1, 2on2, 4on4, ffa, kenya or mods?

I have played only three 4on4 games but spectated many of the European matches. I would say 2on2 is currently my favorite because I can play much more relaxed. Although if I played more 4on4 games, I would not be surprised if I fell in love with it.

What is your favorite map in 2on2 play and why?

Definitely DM6 becuase I have played it the most and feel I have a very strong understanding of 2on2 play on that map. I love the concept of one team attacking and the other defending. GAuging the HP of the defenders is really important and you can base an attack around that.

How do you describe your play style?

I don’t think I have a trademark yet. In 1on1 I try to play by the book most of the time but for attacks, I try to get a little creative (especially on aerowalk). I also look like a nervous wreck in 1on1 and my aim worsens significantly. In 2on2 I don’t really stand out compared to my opponents when I watch a demo.

Do you see any future in new strategies/tricks/bugs or have they all already been done?

I don’t think I have seen any new tricks or bugs but I watch plenty of old demos and see creativity all the time. Dag’s play on DM6 is amazing and I absolutely love how he thinks about every situation. I watch demos of myself all the time and notice mistakes and things I should have done.

Since you’re new to Quakeworld and you’ve missed a lot of the major events, do you see yourself staying with Quakeworld for a while?

As long as there is someone to play, I’ll most likely stick around. I live in Massachusetts and ping 90-100 to the UK so I might consider playing in some Euro leagues in the future. But first, I have to get better at 4on4 ;)

What tournament in the North America would you like to see next?

I would love to see a 4on4 tournament in NA but with the current size of the community, a 1on1 tournament is best.

What new features or things changed in Quakeworld would you like to see?

Updated netcode and EzTV. It would also be nice if everything could be changed via the in game menu in EzQuake (absolutely everything). What the team currently has in the betas is definitely a step in the right direction.

Anything you’d like to say about Quakeworld in general?

Even with the help of Kovaak, myth, and you, I still find QW to be the most challenging FPS I have ever played.

Do you play any other game than Quakeworld on a regular basis?

Nope but I plan to start playing some Starcraft here and there. Starcraft 2 looks incredible and I would like to have at least played the original by the time SC2 comes out. OK, going to find some food.

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Sunday 27th May, 2007

plaz your my hero!

Sunday 27th May, 2007

"What new features or things changed in Quakeworld would you like to see?

Updated netcode"

QW netcode is perfect as is, don't touch plzkthx.

Sunday 27th May, 2007

Kov, I understand exactly where you're coming from on this. Changing the netcode would change a lot of things (qizmo would be broken) and I'm not asking for entirely client-side netcode. I just think the effect of ping might be able to be reduced a bit in QW. Of course I could be wrong and it's likely because I don't have extravagant knowledge of the QW netcode.

Sunday 27th May, 2007

Err, maybe I should've said "add prediction" instead of "update netcode," but I guess prediction has its downs too :)

Sunday 27th May, 2007

isnt prediction the stuff that makes cs so lame?

like when the finnish national team editd some setting and they could see their opponents before they where actually there or something?

maybe i just dreamed this up or smth, dunno

Åke Vader
Sunday 27th May, 2007

Well written, well answered and stuff. :)

Sunday 27th May, 2007

Very nice interview, good reading. Plazmaz: if you want the prediction-based game, try Q3. I tried and find it a failure full stop. The faster your enemy moves the bigger the margin for your railgun to hit when you actually miss. Zzz.

Sunday 27th May, 2007

Hooraytio, the prediction doesn't make CS lame. What makes CS lame is the gameplay.

fst, I have tried Q3 and have noticed the errors in prediction. This is why I'm beginning to change my opinion on this. I played a game of CPM against a friend last year and remember an instance where he was clearly behind a wall on my screen and my rail still hit him. So I should've thought about that answer a bit more. But hey, you learn something new everyday.

Sunday 27th May, 2007

CS is lame because of a couple reasons...high interp settings are lame and the bullets don't go where you shoot 100% of the time (the random factor).

Monday 28th May, 2007

Hey guys, I am an avid gamer of many years experience. However, I never had a chance to play Quake online(I only have it for the N64) how do I get setup to play wth this Quakeworld?

Monday 28th May, 2007

razgriz: you need to download fquake (google). And read the howto there.

Åke Vader
Tuesday 29th May, 2007

Razgriz, you can find more help in #qwhelp on Quakenet IRC or on (sorry for the pimpage) :)

Tuesday 29th May, 2007

Nice interview. I like qwdrama giving the rookies a voice. Things are going quite well here in Europe if you ask me, qwrookie channel has about 8-10 active players.

I myself am a duel player, but 2on2s have proven themselves quite fun too. I dislike 4on4 atm because the mix games seem to be really serious etc. and theres no real chance for a rookie like me to get into a proper clan. Hopefully more people will find this awesome game!

Wednesday 30th May, 2007

Come to netquake

Saturday 9th June, 2007


Wednesday 1st August, 2007


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