QuakeWorld GFX: Dress up your QuakeWorld

Tuesday 29th May, 2007 | Skip to comments (8)

I have been working on a new website that will focus on QuakeWorld graphics. The name of this site is yet to be decided so I will call it “QuakeWorld GFX” in the meantime.

The aim of this site is to create a well structured database of nice eyecandy for QW. At the moment, custom graphics for QW are spread out over the internet and are hard to find (some may be found in qw.nu forum).

QuakeWorld GFX Screenshot

QuakeWorld GFX is still under construction but most of it is complete. Those who registered for Goldrush can use the same details to login, once logged in you can upload and edit your submissions.

Another thing I hoped for with this site is to create a good FAQ-section for graphics, which everyone is free to contribute questions and answers (you have to login to create FAQ entries).

This is also a first step towards a better collaboration with QuakeWorld.nu, which user database will be used for login when the development stage is over. I recently got administrator status over at qw.nu forum and will try to organize the “Custom Graphics” section so it goes hand in hand with this new website (forum section for each category on the gfx site).

Feel free to post your thoughts/suggestions here or join us in #qwdrama for discussion about graphics and further development of QuakeWorld GFX.

(I will do my best to release Goldrush 1.0 asap once the gfx site is complete)

Thats all for now, GGs.

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Tuesday 29th May, 2007

Maybe there should also be category "models" and maybe "sounds" (dunno if that counts as "gfx").

Tuesday 29th May, 2007

JohnNy_cz: There are several more categories but they are not displayed since they are empty.

Sounds can be put in category "other".

Wednesday 30th May, 2007

good idea :> 2bad i decided to play without textures ;K

Wednesday 30th May, 2007

qwdrama becomes even more sexier

Thursday 31st May, 2007

w00t !

Thursday 7th June, 2007

very nice.

i've made a list of gfx links, i hope this will help with your compilation...


Saturday 22nd March, 2008

Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I'm glad to join your conmunity,
and wish to assit as far as possible.

Sunday 23rd March, 2008

great news, have fun :)

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