qwdrama seeks fresh blood!

Sunday 6th May, 2007 | Skip to comments (5)

Due to the fact that we want to become more active on the writing scene, we are now searching for one or two new persons to join our crew! If you have read some of our articles, you may have noticed that our writings differ from the usual “e-sport news” quite a lot.

If you are interested in sharing your opinion on tough topics, interviewing people or just like to cause some drama, this might be job of your dreams! Although you don’t get paid.

Here is a little list of requirements we wish you would fulfil:

  • Interest in writing
  • Good English skills (doesn’t have to be your mother tongue)
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Nice behaviour
  • Activity

If you think you match with all the requirements and you want to become part of the qwdrama crew, all you need to do is, contact someone of the crew on IRC (#qwdrama) or send us an e-mail: contact [at] qwdrama [dot] com

5 responses to “qwdrama seeks fresh blood!”

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Sunday 6th May, 2007

sign me up!
me or goqsane ;>

Monday 7th May, 2007

go peppe!

Thursday 10th May, 2007

"seeks fresh blood" not "seeks for fresh blood", mr super english skills :P

Sunday 13th May, 2007

actually I'm not surprised why you seek fresh blood, there's hardly any news around here :/

Monday 14th May, 2007

true, but there's hardly any news in the scene neither :/ but don't worry we will publish atleast couple of new things this week!

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