How to add QuakeWorld Wiki search plugin

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This tutorial will help you installing the QuakeWorld Wiki search plugin so that you can search the QuakeWorld Wiki directly from your web browser.

Step 1
Open your browser and go to QuakeWorld Wiki.

Step 2
Select the search-engine dropdown list and click add “QuakeWorld Wiki”.

Add search engine

Step 3
Select the dropdown list once again and click “Manage search engines”.

Manage search engines

Click the checkbox “Show search suggestions”.

Show search suggestions

Step 4
Now it’s complete and you can try entering a keyword, for example “Frag”…

QW Wiki search example

which lists suggestions for keyword “Frag*” and will display the corresponding article once clicked, neat!

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Thursday 27th September, 2007

It's still faster just to set your browser home page to


Monday 1st October, 2007

about the poll:
replace it with who will end up LAST in div1, and who the worst player is! :) this is qwDRAMA right!?

Wednesday 31st October, 2007

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don't wanna repeat something your not too proud of z7uas.

Wednesday 31st October, 2007

what was that about breabariesk?

Tuesday 15th January, 2008

Make peace, not war!

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