Kenyan dubbelmacka on Sunday?

Thursday 6th September, 2007 | Skip to comments (7)


Then how does reppie + razor sound to you? To me it sounds like pwnage!

Molgrum has started another tournament in the Kenya series called Double Sunday Kenya. This time it’s 2on2 on the menu and just like I told you, one of the best 2on2 teams ever has already signed up.

* The division system from KTK/FTK is adapted in DSK as well. Basically there are two divisions, one for experienced players (oldies) and one for new players (rookies).

* Each group game is 10 minutes, the teams face each other two times. After that, the finals are held in each division.

* Whatever team gets the most frags in the final wins.

* Schedule with timetable will come up before the tournament starts and will show exactly when you’re supposed to play.

The Kenyan map pool of this week’s DSK is dm5a and vdm3v3. There are two features introduced in this tournament which haven’t been used before in terms of tournaments:

Allows you to jump up stairs… which means that Reppie’s pace around the map will now be equal to the speed of light!

Enables fallbunny, fairpacks and some other stuff.

Double Sunday Kenya will take place on September 9th from 20:00 - 22:00 CET (MGT-1) and will be open for bets at Goldrush. For more information about rules, teams and signups take a look at the DSK forum thread.

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Friday 7th September, 2007

No reason not to sign up.
A tournament with kenya maps and two divisions where the fun of playing is more important than anything else. Even reppie and razor of Firing Squad has joined. Shouldn't you?

Friday 7th September, 2007


Friday 7th September, 2007

2on2 kenya is what has been missing for all this time, great fun is promised!

Friday 7th September, 2007

4on4 on good kenya maps is the best thing ever! :)

Friday 7th September, 2007
Friday 7th September, 2007

Noticed it sassa, now I just need to find some team or 3 other kenya lovers.

Sunday 9th September, 2007

Some notes about the tournament after its end.

Well the rookies in the rookies section were only in one team: cQens and Kay. We (Unreal and Fern) are semi-pro. The rest are pro. The level of "rookies" is rising avery day! :-)

At least one team should have played in Rookies, not in Oldies.

Changing map in the last minute is unfair and bad. dm5a has several versions. The map on is much harder to get out of water from the GL side.

There were no pair that won one map and lost other map. The games were pretty much onesided. :-(

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