Welcome to the v3 of qwdrama!

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qwdrama v3 logoDuring the last few weeks XantoM along with few others from the qwdrama crew have put several hours into developing new version of qwdrama.com and now we are very glad to finally release the website to the public. With the fresh new design and improved functionality, there’s no doubt that qwdrama is now the number one QuakeWorld website on the internet. Without further ado, let’s see what the new version of qwdrama brings to you:

  • Network panel displays the latest activity in the qwdrama network, which includes Goldrush, QuakeWorld Wiki, Schedule and QuakeWorld GFX.
  • Tabs on frontpage for more information. The tabs saves its state using cookies so next time you visit qwdrama the tabs you last had open are remembered.
  • Tag-system for easier browsing of the topics you like the most.
  • Results & demos from the currently running QW leagues and tournaments.
  • The latest news from QuakeWorld.nu and Besmella-Quake.
  • To the top, click the new qwdrama logo that seperates news posts from each other and you will be smoothly moved to the top of the page.
  • Share this, for all the bookmarking maniacs, now you have your precious “Share this” button at the bottom of each post!

Although qwdrama now covers almost every QuakeWorld site there is, we will still keep on writing our own articles and news, running Frag of the Week and taking care of our network websites just like before.

We are also happy to announce that our network sites have reached some milestones during the past month: Goldrush (1000 bets), QuakeWorld GFX (12 000 downloads), QW Schedule (200 events) and QuakeWorld Wiki soon reaches a total of 7000 articles.

(remember to clear your browsers cache so it doesn’t use old files)

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Monday 22nd October, 2007


Monday 22nd October, 2007


Monday 22nd October, 2007

this is GOOD SHIT, really nice work xantom + crew! maybe a little "cold" feel in the design, but with all this nice functionality and features it doesn't matter. KEEP IT UP!

Monday 22nd October, 2007


Monday 22nd October, 2007

There is diet dr. pepper? How can they blaspheme like that and go unpunished!

Monday 22nd October, 2007

fucking awesome. good going lads!

Monday 22nd October, 2007

it's like... the best site on the inet?

Monday 22nd October, 2007

Now site looks hot, turned into more of a portal than the original idea of a drama blog, but thats not a bad thing at all. Hail the web 2.0 ajax king :D

Tuesday 23rd October, 2007

top of the range! :) fair play!

Tuesday 23rd October, 2007


great xantom + guys (who r thy?)

I would like to see thumbs of latest gfx :)

Tuesday 23rd October, 2007

mushi: me, designing and brainstorming :)

Thursday 25th October, 2007

Sexy website. Nice work Viktor <3

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