QHLAN 11 open for signups

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I just finished off the last modifications of the new website for QHLAN 11 and it’s now complete functionality-wise, but there is hardly any information about the event itself at all (yet);

We have booked a venue in Märsta, close to the one we used last winter, but with better internet connection and room for more people in the same hall.

We also have a venue in Årsta, very close to central Stockholm, which we’re negotiating to use instead. If we can get it the same dates, and it’s not too expensive, we will move the lan there.
Lornelin is meeting with the owner on friday night to look at the venue and discuss terms.

However, I decided to open the signups anyway as an indicator of how much interest there is in this event.

Now go and check out the new QHLAN 11 website and sign up for some heavy QW-action!

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Saturday 12th January, 2008

Thanks for information.
many interesting things

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