Clanless and clueless, we come to your rescue!

Tuesday 29th January, 2008 | Skip to comments (8)

The signups for NQR11 have reached half-time and there’s still a lot of players around that are looking for a clan. Regardless of whether you’re an experienced player looking for a clan or a complete noob to QuakeWorld teamplay: Your situation is not hopeless.

Taking a look at the “Transfers” section of the Forum, I can see more than just a few people looking for clans and clans looking for people. So if you’re still looking, I suggest the Forum is the place to be right now. If all of those out there that aren’t playing because their clan mates went inactive would join forces, I think we’d see a couple of new clans around in the blink of an eye and hopefully experience a fresh breeze of air going through the QuakeWorld scene. The market sure is quite hot right now with people like Mawe, our beloved Åke Vader, Flintheart, Domin and Samon on it, just to name a few!

There’s also some fantastic news for the rookies out there! PleuraXeraphim has stepped up to manage another “team building initiative” like we saw prior to EQL Season 6. So if you’re a rookie and planning on getting into QuakeWorld teamplay, I suggest you waste no time and head straight over to the thread he started on!


8 responses to “Clanless and clueless, we come to your rescue!”

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Tuesday 29th January, 2008

Another great pic :)

Tuesday 29th January, 2008

I hope some old clans get together tho as they seem to last longer. anyway good luck to (all) the newly formed clans, I hope you stick together for more than ½ a season unlike many others!

Tuesday 29th January, 2008

Haha these pictures sure bring on a smile on my face :)

Tuesday 29th January, 2008

Thanks pleura and molgrum :)

Tuesday 29th January, 2008

man, the pictures are crazy. awesome! :D

Wednesday 30th January, 2008

OMG I'm in the news :P btw my clan has died, now it's risen and will frag again!!! ;)

Saturday 2nd February, 2008

Great work by Pleura. Many thanks to him! He got me a team :)

Sunday 3rd February, 2008

yea it's awsome with these idéas!

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