QHLAN 11 has began!

Friday 4th January, 2008 | Skip to comments (0)


Late last night QHLAN11 started its first tournament, which was the 1on1 tournament. The players were split up into two divisions (Gold and Silver) depending on their skill level, gold for top dogs and silver for the rest. Due the amount of signups for this tournament the players had to be split again into four groups (A-D) in each division.

The deadline for group matches is Friday 14:00 CET but some players were quick enough to play all of their group games last night. However there is still plenty of games left even for some top players, so get your QTV settings right and find a match to watch from here.

The top two from each group will move on in the tournament and so far players like ParadokS, locust, reppie and razor have already secured themselves a spot in the playoffs. Without further ado, here is the results so far:

Gold A

No surprises in this group other than phren taking 2 to 1 win over Dreamhack champion ParadokS. However ParadokS has already a spot for himself in the playoffs and most likely phren will join him there.

ParadokS [2:0] mazer

Milamber [0:2] ParadokS

mazer [2:0] phren

phren [2:0] Milamber

ParadokS [1:2] phren

raket [0:2] ParadokS

phren [2:0] raket

Milamber [2:0] raket

Milamber [0:2] mazer

mazer [2:0] raket

Gold B

Probably one of the toughest groups and the scores prove that but nonetheless locust was still able to come on top of all of his games. Although locust has one more match left he has already guaranteed himself a spot in the playoffs. Bps will be the 2nd player from this group to go to the playoffs and but the spot didn’t come so easy as ok08 (ok98?) was able play some really close games.

cpe [0:2] bps!

bps! [2:1] ok08

locust [2:1] mogge

mogge [1:2] ok08

bps! [0:2] locust

cpe [0:2] ok08

locust [2:1] ok08

mogge [0:2] bps!

Gold C

This group was certainly the another candidate for the group of death name along with Gold B. Some people might remember the mysterious “Rockstar” guy from last QHLAN10 who beat reppie, even on aerowalk. By now most people have probably found out that it was mawe but the nice coincidence is that these two find themselves in a same group again! This time however reppie was able to seal the deal but it took him 3 maps.

m0lle [0:2] mawe

inferno [2:0] tom

mawe [2:0] inferno

reppie [2:0] m0lle

inferno [0:2] reppie

tom [0:2] mawe

reppie [2:0] tom

m0lle [0:2] inferno

tom [0:2] m0lle

mawe [1:2] reppie

Gold D

Few players in Group D still have some matches left to play but so far the swedes have dominated the hungarians. The most interesting matchup in this group was obviously razor vervus nabbe. The dreamhack top8 finisher and long time team mate of reppie battled out for 3 maps and razor crowned the winner.

orion [0:2] razor

razor [2:0] goblin

nabbe [1:2] razor

orion [0:2] goblin

zero [0:2] nabbe

razor [2:0] zero

nabbe [2:0] orion

zero [2:1] goblin

If you want to know the scores of matches in the Silver division, your best choice is to head off to the QHLAN tournament website.

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