QHLAN11: 2on2 tourney finished

Friday 4th January, 2008 | Skip to comments (0)


QHLAN’s 2on2 tournament has just started with plenty of top teams. Just like in the 1on1 tournament the teams were split into two divisions and multiple groups. Division Gold has 4 groups and 3 teams in each while Division Silver has only 2 groups but 5 teams in both of them. If you want to know what matches are going on, check out the QHLAN’s QTV website.

Here is the lineups of the teams in Gold division:

Update: Results added!

  • griniga Gamla Gubbar (trash & latmask)
  • Lege Artis (nabbe & inferno)
  • nitti6an (mazer & overdose)
  • Firing Squad (razor & reppie)
  • Paranoids (zero & Milamber)
  • Jugge jul (locust & lfx)
  • 1mb4 (m0lle & bps)
  • kebab (ParadokS & phil)
  • Suddendeath (ok98 & dakoth)
  • Kurwa (tom & ?)
  • Penis (phren & grisling)
  • PROFFSEN (mawe & raket)

The action is heating up and more matches are being played as we speak. Here is the results of Gold division matches so far:

Gold A

Lege Artis [2:0] GGG

nitti6an [0:2] Lege Artis

GGG [0:2] nitti6an

Gold B

jugge jul [0:2] Firing Squad

Firing Squad [2:0] PARA

jugge jul [2:1] PARA

Gold C

kebab [1:2] Suddendeath

1mb4 [2:0] kebab

1mb4 [2:0] Suddendeath

Gold D

PRO [2:1] Penis

Kurwa [1:2] PRO

Semi Finals

PRO [0:2] Lege Artis

Firing Squad [2:0] 1mb4

Grand Final

Lege Artis [1:3] Firing Squad

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