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Bauman was nice enough to send me this interview done by him to be later translated into russian on Mawe who just won the Ztndm3 tour and now entering the dm6mania, read on to find out a bit more about this upcoming star.

When you signed up for the tourney, did u think you would win, the lineup was quite competitive.

Yeah the lineup was really competitive. I wasn’t sure about winning at all but I knew I was one of players fighting for the no1 spot, or at least top5. Since I don’t know that much about Russian players or there style it was really hard to see who would come out on top. I was really impressed with some of the Russian players!

I bet xpr is one of them, right? And give your overall impression about the players you met on your way to the crown

Yeah xpr is defiantly one of them. He was really hard and annoying to play against. Cant really stress how annoying he was with armor-control haha :)

First two games a was pretty confident I would win, but it wasn’t easy. Johnny_cz really surprised me. Then i got this boring W.O vs Zepp, we just couldn’t get the game going before he went away on vacation. Zepp seems really strong on ztn and I bet it would have been a nice game.

Versus bulat I started getting a bit nervous because everybody was talking about how good bulat is and so on. We played some really tight games, and he has a very weird style of play (in a good way), attacking when you least expect it and stuff. I remember last map as being really really tight :) He was really good. Last but not least, xpr, who kicked my ass two maps in a row both times. He didn’t allow me to play my normal ZTN game and it was really hard to adapt.

He was spawnraping very good, timing every armor. Reminds me of how seese used to play, really frustrating :) He was kind of the opposite to playing bulat, bulat being more of a aimer.

All of the games I was able to win against xpr I was camping gl, only timing ra, using my shaft to defend. I didn’t even bother with mega since you don’t wanna be around mega if opponent sneaks out to GL or RA. I usually like to play an attacking style but it didn’t work against this Russian. Overall i was really impressed by the Russian tactics and level of play on ztn, as i said earlier :) I remember last map as being really really tight :) He was really good.

Give me some general information - your name, age, place of living, etc, etc, when u started to play QW, your career in QW.

Okay, my name is Johan Mared and im 22 years old, living in my apartment in Stockholm Sweden. I’ve been playing qw for about 5-6 years now, on and off.

It was my friend Sajko who introduced me to quake back then and we were playing quake arena and some occasional duels. I got really hooked really fast because you can really feel when you improve in QW. Over the years Ive played in a few clans, IR, which i formed with Sajko, Baconmen, which i played a few seasons with in div3/4 and now I’m currently playing in SA with some really cute guys in div1 :) We just had our first season and it was a real fun on. Even tho i play 4on4 i still consider myself a duel player :)

I think i can paste some achievements from my qw-wiki :)

2007 - Winner: King of Tuesday Kenya #3 (Dad)

2007 - Winner: King of Tuesday Kenya #8 (Catwalk2)

2007 - Winner: King of Tuesday Kenya #9 (Rwild)

2008 - 3rd place: QHLAN 11 1on1 tournament

2008 - 2nd place: QHLAN 11 4on4 tournament with Firing Squad

2008 - Winner of the Warzon trophy at QHLAN 11

and now of course the ZTNDM3 tour

Fucking impressive!

Hehe thx :) my proudest one has got to be the Warzon trophy award :) Such a sweet looking trophy!

lol! nice trophy indeed, I could last with such a trophy for at least a week! :P I have always wondered if there was a world tourney (tb5) with a commendable prize money, who in your opinion would win it?

Active now or oldschool players?

Well, let’s split it - active now, and those who used to play

Of all the players “active” now I would have to say Gamer or Reppie. Gamer isn’t that active now but at least he’s competing in the dm6 tournament so. Of the oldschool players, hmmm, tough question. Since its a TB5 tour i guess ill have to count out griffin/dag and some of the others for the win. Actually i think gamer/reppie again :) Mutilator is pretty badass as well.

And not def or a famous Aussie Reload?

No i don’t think they would be able to make it :)

But reload is simply magnificent on dm2, dunno really how good he is on the other 4 maps, but still :P

Yeah, hes got some moves on dm2 thats for sure :) Nothing compared to Locketoppen or UL tho.

Locketoopen is Locktar?


I see so, we seem to have the interview a bit messed up, but I’ll arrange in a proper way later


So tell us about your way of living - what u do in your life, your habits, hobbies, etc, how u make your living… do u live with your parents? :P

Hm what do I do in life.. My hobbies in life would have to be snowboarding/skiing, traveling, partying, hanging out with friends you know the usual :)

I’m currently working at a school full time, not as a teacher but as an assistant. I like working with kids so its a great job for me. I’ve been planning to go back to school sometime soon but I haven’t figured out what I want to become when I grow up. My girlfriend just started her studies in another city here in Sweden so I’m thinking of starting school there. I’ve been living in my own apartment now for 2.5 years and i like my place a lot :)

Have you ever tried any other fps games, and if so what made u stick to QW?

I’ve tried most of the competitive fpsgamer there are out there. I was really hooked on Cs before i started with Qw, competing on lans etc. None of the games can match quakeworlds feeling of just jumping around doing crazy stuff.. the speed.. weapons.. its just imo the greatest game. There are also so many things you can improve in quakeworld, and you really feel it when you do. I do enjoy playing the occasional Q4 game or something but ill never switch from

And here are some additional questions from .ru guys - 1) is Sassa gay? 2) does Dag guzzle steroids? 3)why does every 2nd player consider himself to be noob and tries to sign up for Ignition? :P 4) what’s worse - poker or WoW?

1) I think so, yes. 2) Dag doesn’t need steroids! 4) Wow is really the worst, but poker isn’t that far behind :) not sure i understand 3 :)

Neither did I, but answer the way u understand it :P


I think it means that some players underestimate their skills in order to get into the tourney where they can be sure they can reach good results among those who are called rookies.

4)Probably because they are afraid of losing, or just really like winning! Maybe both :)

3) <—– that was

oh yeah 3) :)

Being a Russian, I can’t help asking the following question: what do you think about the Russian qw community? I mean teams, detached players, etc.. is there any chance that a Russian team or player will win EQL/NQR or Duelmaina?

The thing is, I don’t know that much about the Russian qw community, and I think thats where the problem lies. As a non-Russian, it feels like the Russian players keep to themselves. Only playing against Russians, own website etc. It’s like you know they’re there but you don’t see them that much. Due to that, most of what we get to see about the ru community is some drama about a player or a team cheating or something, not saying that Russians cheat more!

I might be wrong here but this it what it feels like for me. I think there’s a lot of potential in Russian players and teams, which we’ve seen in the last NQR with 3b doing really well and of course the ztndm3 tour. I believe there is definitely a chance for a Russian team or player to win, but maybe in a few seasons. Sneaky sneaky :)

Hope none will misunderstand me here :)

It’s nothing against Russians hehe

btw, you seem to speak English flawlessly. Where did you learn it?

Hehe I’m not that good :) Learned it all in school thx I guess :P

OK, let’s get to the last brief questions, pepsi or cola?

Both :/ okay to answer both? :P

Mixed, but not shaked? :P

haha well, lets go for cola. better when hung over :)

Hangover you mean?

Yeah well it doesn’t help against hangovers, but thats what i want when I am ^^

rl or lg? Your lg aim impressed xpr very much :P

lg hehe :)

Favorite 1on1/4on4 map?


Best 1on1/4on4 player ever?


Any new players who seem to get far in QW?

Who I think can get far?

Yes who have the potential

Hm hm, new as in just started or who has done well recently?

Doesn’t matter, both if you like

Well I don’t know how well rounded XPR is but xpr definitely. Phrenic/Lakso are very well-rounded guys that could get extremely good :) I’m talking dueling here btw

What do u think about XN? he hasn’t been around for quite a while, but remember him beating Gamer in Duelmania 4 (or some another season, don’t remember)

Yeah Xn is really fkn good. It’s a shame he stopped playing, I really liked his game. Remember speccing that duelmania. Too bad, he could be very strong


Another question from Simpsons, Griffins or South Park? :P

Family guy :) I’m guessing thats what griffins is

What’s the hardware you play on?

amd dualcore 6000+, 2048mb ram, geforce 8800 gts 512mb, some logitech keyboard, razer copperhead(my 3rd…), razer exactmat and I use a crt monitor

Ok, it’s getting a bit late here. Any words or advice to the community or (possibly) any potential players?

Yeah I need to sleep, was at my sisters wedding yesterday :) Keep up the good work everyone, play hard go pro! Ciao!

Thanks for your time and good luck in the future tourneys!

No problem thanks!

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some major fuckups with the formatting. very nice interview though, i'm only halfway through. :)

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the pic with the quake rune is €€$

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fkn nice interview! :)

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This version is much better than the one on :) Lots of stuff there that the interview said and not me hehe

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In fact this is a draft, on lies the final version, graciously adjusted by Ake Vader


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nice interview :P

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Hi All!!
Mawe please could you share your config !?

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