Video interviews with LocKtar and phil

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Having managed to reach two consecutive DreamHack dueling finals, as well as being one of the more prominent QuakeWorld players in general, LockTar was a fairly obvious pick to be video-interviewed at this summer’s DreamHack tournament. The second video interview was made with phil, who now traveled across the big pond in order to attend DreamHack for the second time too. The interviews were made by trito productions prior to the final game between Riker and LocKtar.

See what phil and LocKtar have to say about QuakeWorld in general, our beloved community, other games from the Quake series, and something LocKtar seems to very much dislike: The railgun!

» LocKtar at DreamHack

» phil at DreamHack

Thanks to trito for this.

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6 responses to “Video interviews with LocKtar and phil”

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Tuesday 1st July, 2008

nice 1. But to much talk about the other quakegames. Dont have time to write more, need to play mix.... And hope to se a 4on4 cometision on the next dreamhack so i have a reason to go there. :)

Wednesday 2nd July, 2008

haha, locktar's reaction when he was asked about the railgun :D

Friday 4th July, 2008

it was funny when she asked about rail 8) nice work

Friday 4th July, 2008

great stuff!

Sunday 20th July, 2008

HAHAHA... De-Em-Fyra! De-Em-Två!

Darke / Kn1ght
Monday 15th December, 2008


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