QHLAN12: Signups Open

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That’s right, QHLAN12 has already been in planning for a couple of months is finally open for signups.

General information
QHLAN12 will be held at 2-5 of January, 2009 in Märsta (just outside Stockholm).

In the QH part of the LAN there will only be QuakeWorld tournaments (and probably wrestling, since we’re in a sports hall again).

There will of course be the ususal 1on1 and 4on4 tournaments, but in 2on2, we have decided to instead have an open ladder running throughout the lan, so when you have time, you can play as many ladder games as you wish.

What’s new for this time is that the LAN will be held together with the LAN-organization called Game Evolution (GEv), hosting tournaments in Unreal Tournament, StarCraft, DotA, Guitar Hero and perhaps Counter-Strike.

The venue

The venue is called “Vikingahallen” (Hall of Vikings) and is a big sportshall, the crew is estimating that it can hold around 200 attendants.

However these seats will be divded into two sections, one for QH and one for GEv, so make sure that you don’t wait with signing up - it might get full.


Since it’s a sportshall it got plenty of room and seats for a spectator area, there will be at least two bigscreens showing hot matches, QuakeWorld movies and more.

The venue is located very close to Arlanda airport and Märsta train station.


The crew is gathering information about people who will go by car and can provide transport from and to these connections. If you are in need transport, make sure you enter it in the registration. Transport from and to Stockholm train station can also be arranged.


Sign up for QHLAN12 | QHLAN12 main website

13 responses to “QHLAN12: Signups Open”

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Saturday 20th September, 2008

Fragomatic will be there (XantoM, nabbe, razor, lacsap)!

Saturday 20th September, 2008

Suddendeath will be there (Ok98, m0lle, Votary, Overdose)

Sunday 21st September, 2008

Druidz will be there! (bps, lakso, mawe, goblin, locktar, reppie)!

Sunday 21st September, 2008

I will be there (willgurht)

Sunday 21st September, 2008

me too! :D (peppe)

Monday 22nd September, 2008

I won't be there! (unless someone wants to pay my hotel+flight expenses :P)

Åke Vader
Monday 22nd September, 2008

You don't need a hotel though? ;}

Tuesday 23rd September, 2008

eizid, why won't you pay them yourself? :P

Wednesday 24th September, 2008

because the concept of travelling to a foreign country merely to sit in a dark, dirty, stinky room together with another 100 geeks doesn't sound appealing to everyone. :)

also: the date sucks, as usual!
Good luck though, I for one am happy to see a new edition of QHLan being organised.

Wednesday 24th September, 2008

Sometimes you need to get your white gloves dirty soma!

I agree the date is problematic. Venue is prolly not available when schools are open.

Thursday 25th September, 2008

Will there be a possibility to arrange a monitor like last time? I play with laptop+21"CRT and its kinda troublesome to bring the monitor.

Thursday 25th September, 2008

Random Noobz Join Here will be there (fil, insert your name here #1, insert your name here #2, insert your name here #3, insert your name here #4)

Saturday 27th September, 2008

yah sidd, post in the qw.nu forum-thread for monitors!

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