Video: DM6Mania - Reppie vs ParadokS

Monday 15th September, 2008 | Skip to comments (10)

An unknown gentleman who goes by the nickname of divide has made a video of the dm6mania game between Reppie and ParadokS, which took place a couple of weeks ago. The videos are in high quality and they also include phil’s commentary. Enjoy!

ParadokS vs Reppie - Map 1

ParadokS vs Reppie - Map 2

10 responses to “Video: DM6Mania - Reppie vs ParadokS”

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Monday 15th September, 2008

Nice! More of this plz!

Lom Lobon
Tuesday 16th September, 2008

Very nice, good stuff!

Tuesday 16th September, 2008

nice with the commentary also, well done

Tuesday 16th September, 2008

Nice! This is the way! Good job :)

Tuesday 16th September, 2008

Would be great if they were downloadable.

Tuesday 16th September, 2008

niiice, cant wait to get home and watch these :) compisar ;)

Wednesday 17th September, 2008

Good job, nice config used for capturing.

Wednesday 17th September, 2008

zomg this is great
we need more men like this :) thx divide

Thursday 18th September, 2008

Only made this to show a QW duel to a friend, but glad you like it! The config is basic nQuake with only a few changes.

Sunday 21st September, 2008

Good Job :)

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