Indicate 4: Now in theaters

Sunday 5th October, 2008 | Skip to comments (11)

Knast, the author of the Indicate QuakeWorld movie series, has just released his new creation: Indicate 4.

Similar to the other parts of the Indicate series, Indicate 4 is not some 50-frags-to-some-metal-song movie, and it does not feature any classic triple-midair frags on povdmm4 or end. Furthermore, the movie features no trick-jumping, no outstanding graphics, no super-stunning 3D mumbo-jumbo and a lot of the material used for this movie actually consists of day-to-day frags.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the applicance of CamQuake, Indicate 4 could just as well already be a few years old, judging from the virtually non-existing eyecandy. The movie does however feature one key component that makes it unique and extremely worthwhile your time: Humour.

Yes, this QuakeWorld movie is actually funny. Yet again combining QuakeWorld scenes, real movie scenes and music,  Knast celebrates himself as well as his notoriously defensive playing style, unforced quad-bores and the source of all evil: luck! And if you thought the Phil Collins homage in Indicate 2 was funny, I suggest you sit and wait for “sit and wait”.

Now go and download Indicate 4. It’s not only funny, but a felicitous example of why we all love this game. That aside, Indicate 4 is also way better than Indy 4.

Damn you, Spielberg and Lucas.

Some technical details:

  • Running time: 7 mins
  • Size: 150 mb
  • Codec: h264 mp4
  • Clients: ezQuake and CamQuake
  • Tools used: Adobe premiere/photoshop/after effects, 3D Studio Max, Virtual dub

If you like this movie (and you probably will) you should also watch the other movies by Knast found at the Indicate website. If you’re having issues playing Indicate 4 due to the codec, harassing knast about releasing an XViD version might help.

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Sunday 5th October, 2008

ah thnx soma!

Sunday 5th October, 2008

Not funny imo. Adding clips from other movies isn't creative anymore and seeing stuff that has already been on FOTW was slightly disappointing.

However there were few good qw moments...

Sunday 5th October, 2008

ye anni got alrdy a philippic some months ago because he uploaded it as fotw;)

Sunday 5th October, 2008

Where are mirrors? It's hell slow here 21:17:45 (137.05 B/s) - Read error at byte 384822/153020757 (Connection timed out). Retrying. :).

Sunday 5th October, 2008
Monday 6th October, 2008


Monday 6th October, 2008

very nice. And i dont agree on the bad graphics. I liked them.

Monday 6th October, 2008

nice one... where is pez?

Wednesday 8th October, 2008

I'm afraid to say, that was a boring movie :/

Thursday 9th October, 2008

nice initiative and all but i have to agree with comment above.

Thursday 9th October, 2008

xvid version:


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