LocKtar goes DreamHack

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Hello Dennis ‘menace’ LocKtar, I heard you were going to DreamHack?

Hello ruskie the tuppie!

That’s right! On Thursday I’m leaving from Stockholm with BPS, and Mawe. We are picking up Reppie at Skavsta airport and then heading for the dream of the hack!

What’s the mouse you are going to promote, what do you know about it. Have you received one to try for yourself?

The mouse can be seen at http://www.mionix.net/. The company is new, and its from SWEDEN, Växjö! Their plans is to compete with the big dragonlords like Logitech and razor etc for the gamers confidence. I haven’t been able to try it out yet, but what I have seen it has much potential. It’s shape Is familiar with the Logitechs MX mouses. and that’s a huge benefit for me. My first encounter with the mouse will be at DH. I cant wait!! =)

How did they get a hold of you, the fact that you are part of the druidz ‘esports’ team had any part of it?

My old friend Johan Frentz arGyle from Växjö, He was the one who tipped the Mionix people about me and my long history with Quakeworld. This has nothing to do with the DRz, although I will represent them when I’m playing. With other words, I’m there to promote the mouse not my teamtag.

So how does it work purely practically, you sit in a booth made of gold and all the cs-players think quake is for noobs come and get axed and stomped on?

Something like that. There are totally 4 computers at the area and I pick what mode I want to play, I will probably go 3on1 on dmm3, dm2, dm4. Hopefully Reppie, Bps, Mawe don’t join up… =) It will also be displayed at big-screen.

They are having a 2on2tourney now instead of a 1on1tour, I’m sure you would prefer 1on1 but what’s your thoughts about it being 2on2 and will your team-mate (bps) be able to make you look good enough to take home the trophy and money, or will reppie and mawe be to hot to handle?

Well, if I’m gonna be honest me and Bps haven’t played much together, but he has been looking really hot from what I’ve seen. I think we can give Rep and Maw a good shot if my shape gets a boost, last two weeks has been terrible.

I’ve heard reppie has switched to GLQuake because that’s what they use at dreamhack, Is it true and do you think he will able to perform better this time around?

Reppie always perform well. As always in quake, dayshape at high level can be crucial, and I think by now Reppie is used to GlQuake.

Did you have the chance to look at the milton - reppie game? What did you think about it? Do you have any tips for a match-up to the  next ‘challenge’ match ?

Yes I watched it! Milton was solid as a rock. Reppie did some stupid man-oeuvres. I think that the results could easily be 2-3 to reppie aswell. But overall, the better player won that day=) GG

That’s the end of the questions, GL in dreamhackland!

Knula en tup.

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Monday 24th November, 2008

nice job ruskie! :) and cu at dreamhack locke, BRING IT!!!

Monday 24th November, 2008

.... what if i dont pick reppie up... does our chanses to win the 2on2 increase? hihi

Tuesday 25th November, 2008

Please save all demos from showmatches. meybe there will be something interesting between you and q3/cpma stars

Tuesday 25th November, 2008

i will!

Saturday 29th November, 2008

amg name ur son krassie! 8>

Sunday 7th December, 2008

DreamHack was a blast. I'll go next time again for sure!

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