QuakeWorld is Dead.

Monday 15th January, 2007 | Skip to comments (5)

As if. First of all, on behalf of the entire QW Drama crew, we would like to congratulate Zaq for winning frag of the week contest number two.

We have set up a new poll in which you can vote for your favorite player to win the Ownage 1v1 tournament which started just a couple of days ago after they reached 256 signups earlier than expected. As Ownage mainly serves the European players, the Americans still shouldn’t cut their wrists as GGL has announced to host an invitational minicomp for QuakeWorld. This small event for 8 players will take place on the 17th of January and you can take a look at the brackets right here.

As you might remember we spread rumours about a possible NQR comeback, luckily this turned out to be right. It seems the most important work has been done because today the NQR admins proudly announced that the signups for season ten have been opened. For more information you better head off to the official website of NQR.

Around a week ago the popular dvdalright servers went down. A Russian player hacked through mvdsv to update them, the admin of the servers wasn’t very happy about that and decided to close them. Sassa has send the admin an e-mail to make him change his mind but is waiting for the answer. In the meanwhile several people have been active getting new Swedish servers online, oldschool Swedish clan Tribe of Tjernobyl has a server with twelve ports on a 1Gbit line in Stockholm thanks to White now.

The 1on1 ports are, 27511, 27512 and 27513, 2on2, 27521, 27522, 27523 and last but not least 4on4, 27501, 27502 and 27503. At the moment both qw.sit.nu and qw.speciell.org work as DNS for the servers but the first one will stop working soon.

Besides those there are rumours about Bad Luck Troopers getting more ports on their server.

We would be pleased if you, yes you, our dear visitor could suggest us some ideas for our polls in the future.

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Monday 15th January, 2007

keep it going

Monday 15th January, 2007

qw.speciell.org is the dns to ToT serves ffs!!

Tuesday 16th January, 2007

ok, relax

Tuesday 16th January, 2007

Or do you simply mean the name resolves to that ip? ... :E

Monday 26th March, 2007

What connection use for support so many servers? I want create a dedicate spanish server (KTX FFA Only) with 12 slots and i need know those kbits for player need in my upload. 128kbits/s maybe?

thx dudes

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