mawe: “watch the ‘Who is this mawe film!”

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Hey mawe and congratulations on the first spot in king of kenya #3!

Hi! Thanks :)

You were not the favourite in the tourney (according to goldrush) but you still managed to win. What do you think, underestimated or just good day-shape?

Haha more people should watch the “Who is this mawe film!” No but seriously tho, I did not consider myself as a favourite.

Seese was entering and hes always good and of course swi the kenya-master. I knew that it would probably be me or swi vs seese in final. I just played my game and it worked, dont know
about the shape haha :)

Do you have any trademark as a quakeplayer? How would you describe yourself?

Pretty hard question. My trademark would have to be aim, atleast shaft-wise. My shaft is my strongest asset and maybe map-movement(rjumps etc). Im a +back-shafter with some moves :) Hehe not really sure how to describe myself(obviously), so I’ll leave that to others. I also think I have very good adapting skills on new maps, maybe thats why I did so well in KTK.

Next KTK will feature the map catwalk2 where I know you can do some damage,
should I bet on you again? Is there any players you fear of signing up?

Personally I think catwalk2 is a really funny map. You and I have had some great games there ;) If I enter, I’ll leave that decision to you. You obviously dont need gambling advice according to goldrush(congrats on #1). Pretty much any div0 signing up would be a problem but it would be really fun aswell. Wouldn’t surprise me if some skilled russians signed up and kicked ass. Better players = fun, so no fear.

Have you played any other online games other than Quake? If there was any… do you miss anything from those game(s)?

My first real online game would have to be CS. Played it for a couple of years before I switched to Qw. I was always fascinated with bunnyjumping so thats what really got me to start playing this game. I’m sad to say that I also played wow for about 6 months when it came out. Biggest waste of my life :P Dont think theres anything I actually miss from them.

What players in quake have inspiried you the most?

My biggest inspiration would have to be dag. Hes been my favourite player all along. Other players would have to be UL(moves) and inter(aim), there are a few others but those 3 are my favourites.

Lets say you wanted to learn a specific trick. There was a demo catalouge of every player peforming that trick, what player pov would you look at?

Think it would have to be UL. Sexeh moves!

If you were the head of duelmania, pick 5 maps and one custom rule ! :)

Think the maps they use now are alright so I wouldn’t change those. Wouldn’t mind replacing dm4 with some other map tho :) Custom rule… dag and griffin have to attend?

Pick a subsite qwdrama should do next, what would you like, gfx, tricks or something else?

Hm dont know.. Maybe get a tourney going? I’m not really in to gfx things and stuff but I think it might be good for the community. I’m sure they’ll come up with something cool :)

What kind of game do you prefer in quake 1on1, 2on2, 4on4, ffa, kenya or mods (orange mod)?

Orange mod without a doubt! :P But since noone is playing it I would have to say 1on1. I do enjoy 4on4 aswell, just that I haven’t played it for a long time now. I think I actually enjoyed 4on4 more when I played in a clan. So atm I consider myself a 1on1 player.

There has a been some amount of discussion on the forums about quakeworld hitting rock bottom. What do you think, steady decline or a revival of some sort?

I wasn’t really here when Qw was at its best so I can’t really compare. Its been a downhill journey all the way for me. However I’m pretty satisfied with the qw-scene as it is now. Everyone involved in the scene (ezq,, drama, players etc) is doing a great job of keeping it alive. Perhaps to much too hope for a real revival but it feels like it’s getting a bit better.

There is some rumors about you being phantasy. Is this true?


Haha :) That roumor was started by cage a while back appearently he had evidence. Don’t really remember how he came up with that conclusion.. I hated dm4 and was ok on ztndm3 or something? :P It was fun cause everyone started asking. I have always been known as mawe in quakworld tho! Puss racer!

Thanks for your time and good luck in whatver you are doing next.

Right back at you :) Pldm1 for next KTK tournament! Ciao

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Thursday 12th April, 2007

hmmm didnt u have some other nick than mawe one time ? :)

Thursday 12th April, 2007


Thursday 12th April, 2007

Yeah, rockstar :)

Thursday 12th April, 2007

you called yourself "rockstar" for a while. :D

good interview tho. love you mawe ;]

Thursday 12th April, 2007

Good Interview. Would like to have heard a bit more but good work.

Thursday 12th April, 2007

i wonder how the next betting session for ktk will look like

Thursday 12th April, 2007

1.00001 odds for superstar mawe :/

Thursday 12th April, 2007

LIES!!! You are the phantasy

Thursday 12th April, 2007

and the rest of my comment didn't get posted :E, gj on the interview ruskie-tvikkling-kun as always :)

Thursday 26th April, 2007

lies you are PHANTASY

Friday 27th July, 2007

you are phantasy !!!! !! :D:D:d

Wednesday 1st August, 2007


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