Ignition Tournament Ignites quake newbie action

Wednesday 27th June, 2007 | Skip to comments (0)

This very morning the signups for the new Ignition tournament opened. The tournament is the first of it’s kind, it’s only for people who haven’t played for a long time (shame on them!), namely those who have played for six months or less. So far we have seen a lot of first timers signing up, most of them have played some kind of Quake ® before. During the short period of time that the signups have been opened so far a quite astonishing number of 32 players put their names on the competitor list.

Let’s hope for a 64 player bracket or maybe even 128! The irc-channel #qwrookie has been swarming with people asking how to get quake running and pimped out, I like it!

Visit the homepage and signup, spread the word!

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