Top 10 Most Disgusting QW Graphics

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Making QuakeWorld open source later led to a new addition to the engines which allowed users to customize the look of the game in any way they wanted. You can have custom textures on walls and materials in game, custom particles, lots of parameters for effects, lighting, console font, head up display font and images, crosshairs, skyboxes, console background and so on. This lead to a new movement - QuakeWorld graphics or QuakeWorld GFX. Users like to customize their game very much and they do so.

However to cook the best meal ever you cannot just take the best ingredients available and put them together in one pot. Also to cook a delightful cake you don’t use the most burning red pepper available. The customization lead to a lot of dreadful combinations and this article is my pick of the top ten most disgusting QuakeWorld custom graphics I’ve ever seen.

10. Dining room perversion

Most Disgusting QW Graphics - 10

There you have it, nicely looking screenshot. Clean walls, clean floor, stars shining above your head. You could definitely have a dinner with some nice women in here, then a romantical walk under the stars in green armor area and then invite her to see the secrets you hide in the megahealth room (which I bet has a thick red carpet on the floor). But is this the place where you also gib your enemies to bloody chunks? It is not.

9. Max size, max visibility, max mud

Most disgusting QW graphics - 9a Most disgusting QW graphics - 9b

The parameter gl_max_size allows you to reduce the details of the textures on the walls, but in Quake this variable should be renamed to “mudlevel” because of the overall effect it creates.

Now tell me which map this screenshot is from, try to guess in which direction I’m looking or how far I am from the nearest wall.

On this picture there is a soldier from the Vietnam War hiding. He has learned the skills of how not to be seen thanks to his khaki coloured pants, but he is in there, pointing his gun at you.

8. New lightning pliz

Most disgusting QW graphics - 8

Now this is a screenshot that still resides in the official ezQuake screenshots gallery. But it is the combination of the three most horrible lightning gun related customizations. First of all the sparks look like a fireworks, not like a sparks from electricity. The shaft model itself is like from another game, the yellow stripes on the front side remind me the yellow-black stripes you usually see on dangerous places where you should be aware of something. Maybe this was supposed to warn everyone around that potentially a beam giving 300 damage per second can come out of this?

And finally, the beam itself, is the most misconfigured graphics setting ever. I swear every new movie that contained gl_particles_trail_detail set to 1, which makes this effect, made me cry. You are supposed to set that value to 100 which results to a beam faithful to the original Quake beam. This beam looks like if you touch it, it will just make your hair stand up but definitely it won’t damage you.

7. Oldschool nerd

Most disgusting QW graphics - 7

Many people know Reppie and the game settings he is using. Now all of you who are not playing Quake since year 1996 but let’s say since 2002 or something, try to remember what were you thinking when you saw such screenshot first. Was it “Gah, that’s disgusting” or “Wow, maybe he plays so leet because of such l33t oldch00l settings … maybe .. if I try that I’ll get better in two days and in a month I’ll beat ParadokS in The Dark Zone OMG!!!”?

There are more people playing in such low-details software version of the client and all QW developers respect them and keep delivering software version of their clients. But is this REALLY necessary in year 2007?

6. From NC-17 to PG-13

Most disgusting QW graphics - 6

The abbreviations in the heading represent the target audience for which a movie in the US is suitable for. The head up display font you can see on the screenshot was maybe a random pick you sometimes find on the most underground Quake forums or maybe it’s a piece of a project that aims on making this game very suitable for your kids. God knows. Also it’s not known what will happen to the blue cloud in the lower left corner after your health goes down. Oh. Did I say health? I mean your … magic points! You absolutely do not lose your health in this game and you definitely do not die.

5. The Bricken Place and The Bricken-o-polis

Most disgusting QW graphics - 5a Most disgusting QW graphics - 5b

Things on these screenshot get very serious. After the action from the first screenshot is over, you’ll be able to hear someone saying “Sector cleared!”. I’ve heard that a bomb has been planted near yellow armor. Before you get there you are about to hide behind a crate for a few .. minutes. Such an old bricks just don’t belong to Quake. This is a Counter-Strike clone. “Affirmative!”

4. When there are no limits

Most disgusting QW graphics - 4a Most disgusting QW graphics - 4b

This custom graphics didn’t reach the 1st place not because they are not enough disgusting. They are. Seriously. But in my opinion the person who made this really made it with the goal to be the most disgusting QW screenshot ever. Some of us wouldn’t ever imagine that such customizations are even possible. And because there was a clear intention, the guy simple knew what he or she is doing, I can’t give it the gold medal. But still, it is the (im)moral winner.

3. Barbie world

Most disgusting QW graphics - 3

Maybe this was a branch of the project from one of the previous candidates which aimed to make Quake suitable for kids. Now it aims to make this game suitable for 4 years old girls. This screenshot wasn’t downloaded from, it’s the result of an elaborated evolution process. I’ve heard rumours that as an enemy skin the user of this customization uses the picture of Mr. Ken. In the green armor room there is a white romantic table where you drink tee with Shambler the monster, who is of course wearing a trimming pink skirt.

2. Big things

Most disgusting QW graphics - 2

Owner of this customization has a big payroll, he owns a big house, a big car with a big engine and he also owns a big .. rocket launcher. And he is definitely proud of it.

However, this rocket launcher does not belong to QuakeWorld. This rocket launcher is big, but as it usually happens with guys who own big toys they are proud of, big toys sometimes do not do big things. The game this rocket launcher comes from calls Quad Damage something that only gives triple damage, so it’s no big surprise that this rocket launcher as we know actually launches rockets slower then the usual QuakeWorld rocket launcher. But of course, it is BIG. I give it a silver medal. A BIG silver medal.

1. The winner

Most disgusting QW graphics - 1

Now if you look at this screenshot and you have no idea why it’s placed here as the winner or you even do not consider it disgusting at all, you’ve completely missed the message I was trying to bring you across. What is so immensely disgusting about this screenshot is the fact, that it is actually trying to look nice. And it succeeds, to some level. But it is a top representative of where sick graphics customization has gone. Again, we have old stone bricks that do not belong to QuakeWorld, and on the top of them there is a floor texture which looks like a surface of some modern spaceship. Bricks, spaceship. Hm. The texture of the borders of the teleport is some motif from the trails some army tank left behind. And finally, the texture of the teleport liquid looks like a microscope picture of some scientific biology experiment where bacteria breeding has gone very out of control. Oh lord. Some people should take a look at original Quake as it comes out of the box. Some reading about Shub-Niggurath and Lovecraft’s themes would also do just fine.

Long live Quake Retexturing Project.
So long, barbies.

- Written by JohnNy_cz

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Monday 25th June, 2007

My shot made it to #4, thanks! ;D

Monday 25th June, 2007

oh no, its #5 actually.

Åke Vader
Monday 25th June, 2007

Well written Johnny. :) I think some of them are not THAT bad though. Sure, they might not be Quakish, but i could live with that. ;)

Monday 25th June, 2007

I'm at #9, yay!!!1!1!1!!!1!1!1!gay!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1!111!1!1!

Monday 25th June, 2007

I think it's totally acceptable to use software quake even if it's 2007 :o

Monday 25th June, 2007

NOONE can say that #3 has no style. I just like it :)

Monday 25th June, 2007

#4 could be also made by some heavy drug fan :D

Monday 25th June, 2007

Most of the shots have nothing wrong with them, the ugliest to me would be the lsd one and the barbie one. And the counter-strike reference is pretty dumb since the textures in the shots dont look anything near CSish. You could've just used normal gfx without any modern / custom textures for #1..

Monday 25th June, 2007

Barbie quake ftw

Monday 25th June, 2007

Eh, I don't get the cs reference at all and I played the game for over a year competitively before coming to QW :x

Still a nice read :)

Tuesday 26th June, 2007

Nice, I didn't know we were brothers in mind on this issue. :)

(Well, kinda. I play with simple textures as I love the clean looks. :P )

Tuesday 26th June, 2007

Long overdue!! A well needed ass-slapping.

Tuesday 26th June, 2007

Really nice read and a good topic. Coz where is this gfx mania heading at? I can't stand it. But don't question the (#7)oldschool software style of '96 because it's as classy as QW itself. Btw, maybe you should've brought into sentence the gl version of mipmap (

Mr Fribbles
Tuesday 26th June, 2007

#8 is the reason I didn't download ezQuake.

I would also welcome a CPMA version of this article... hell, many of the default maps would qualify out of the box! To fill in the rest of the numbers, just look for any retexture project by Drugs-Bunny, or any other crap you can find on the forums. :D

Tuesday 26th June, 2007

Yeah, no one should do a) New models b) New textures c) New maps because we all know that they cant compete with the originals!1111

Tuesday 26th June, 2007

CPMA version of this article?? I think you're on a wrong site...

Wednesday 27th June, 2007

Hooray reppie! I knew I wasnt alone!

Wednesday 27th June, 2007

Mr Fribbles: EZQuake doesn't come with custom GFX like in that photo.. it was added by the person who took the screenshot

Wednesday 27th June, 2007

IMHO freedom is good. Even If will generate that monstruosites.
Something that is cool about quake, is that the guy from #7 can play with the guy with #4 and #1. So everyone can play quake the way he like it.
Even a guy can play TeamFortress like 8, because that zap for the tesla is cool. And play QWDM like #9.

Wednesday 27th June, 2007

by the way.. since QuakeWorld will be officially played @ QuakeCon2007

SyncError, an id software programmer, sent me a private message on ESReality:

"Yes, we should be using both eZquake and MVDSV. We're also most likely releasing a custom texture pak for eZquake for use in the QuakeCon tournament. "

so we'll get a new custom texture pak from id itself.. let's hope it'll not fit in this Top10 :D

Wednesday 27th June, 2007

I wouldn't be surprised if some of those custom textures are ads :|

Åke Vader
Thursday 28th June, 2007

Haha, i wouldn't think so. Do you really think they're gonna put ads in a textureset that they let their competitors use in the tournament? They could aswell just disable them, or use better ones on the net.

If they don't force the competitors to use them that is. But i don't think so, it's only two maps (dm4 and dm6) and i don't think ads would fit very well on them. :p

Thursday 28th June, 2007

Didn't splash damage just announce while ago that et:qw will feature ingame ads? Warsow also had ingame ads, same goes for cs and trackmania nations is also full of ads. I really won't be surprised if there's ads in their texture pack. It would perfectly fit todays id software's image.

Friday 29th June, 2007

yeah i'm sure putting adds in a god forsaken game is the right thing to do.....

Sunday 1st July, 2007

Just take a watch to Fiend in OpenQuartz
or Ogre in DarkQuartz;7846608;;/fileinfo.html

Almost similar to Quake... :D

Monday 2nd July, 2007

rofl they all suck. This is why I stick to plain software renderers because it makes quake look like quake

Monday 2nd July, 2007

and how does OpenGl make Quake not look like Quake? mysteries..

Tuesday 3rd July, 2007

Lina is player brazilian. 3 Place .:)

Friday 6th July, 2007

"Even a guy can play TeamFortress like 8, because that zap for the tesla is cool."

a tesla in team fortress? what the hell are you talking about

Sunday 8th July, 2007

Mine is #4!

Tuesday 10th July, 2007

quake should look like quake!

that is all

Thursday 12th July, 2007



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