Thou shalt move on, apparently

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People tend to compare the “good old days” with the situation today, taking into account a wide range of topics: They talk about tournaments, leagues, the different clients, rocket jumping, bunnyhopping, weapon scripts, fakeshaft and so on.

People have also spent hours talking and writing about the players that were around back then, but only very little research has been published about who the players were that left, why they left, where they went and whose fault it was that they left in the first place. I will answer all of those questions.

Let’s start off with some very important facts. Facts that my scientific research is entirely based on: In 1998, clans were never called Slackers, they weren’t called Core and they weren’t called New Wave either. No, they weren’t. They had super-cool names like Shadow Warriors, Twilight Warriors or Warriors of the Realm. Notice a pattern yet? Damn right! There were warriors, brotherhoods, orders, even kingdoms!

Let me continue: Take a boring clan like Slackers for example. They were “founded in 2001 by Goljat and ParadokS“. Period. Boring. Then compare this to mighty oldschool German clan Monasteria: The clan was founded by 3 monks that lived in a monastery somewhere in the woods. Little was known about the inhabitants of this monastery since they only left it in order to protect the peaceful villagers from “robbers and other threats”. Then one day, after it had been sunny all day long and the birds had been singing, there was a huge thunderstorm which left the skies black for 300 years. Evil was to return, so the monks decided to form a clan and spread peace. Pretty noble if you ask me. Anywho: All of this is based on historical facts by the way; I read it in the history section of their website! (And you should really check out that site. The background music, the cheesy lightning, the 1554 words history essay. priceless.)

Why did all these funky RPG-clans break up? Where did all those people go that woke up one day and decided they lived in a Zelda-like world? I can tell you where they went: They went to play Final Fantasy and World of Warcraft. And who is to blame? That’s right: The ezQuake team.

Where were they when QuakeWorld needed a bit of pimping? Why didn’t they act sooner? Why turn ezQuake into what it is right now instead of something more like this:

RPG Quake

That’s right: We could have had funky new items, new characters, less fighting, a currency, missions, dragons, princesses and so on. And what did we get? A radar function, something called “team overlay” and a handful of options that 99% of the people don’t care about. Thank you! I could also live with the fact that my aim sucked if at least I could teach my ranger something cool like witchcraft or how to bake bread. Bah.

So let me conclude: hadn’t it been for the boring, conservative ezQuake team, people like DarkWarrior or Belgarath would probably still play QuakeWorld. And we could have even charged them like… 15 bucks a month.

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Wednesday 25th July, 2007

Haha, nice!

Also check out (the Gallery)

Wednesday 25th July, 2007

haha that gallery is even funnier if you would know what those descriptions mean :P

Thursday 26th July, 2007

Uhm, well, it's written under them. :D

Thursday 26th July, 2007

oh I didn't notice that description :D

Monday 30th July, 2007

In fact, there was a clan named Core back in the days. I have two demos in which Icon of Pain plays them on dm3. I have never heard of the clan under any other circumstances, but I believe they were indeed a clan and not just a mix team, since they had their team set to "core" and all players used a quite elaborated prefix C#, where # stands for the individual player number (the same principle that Deathrow used). The demos are dated October 2nd, 1998.

Wednesday 8th August, 2007

nice read. Brotherhood of Blood, Darktribe, the terminators clan, Rebellion of Thunder among many other great portuguese clan names.
Which is the best clanname you know? :)

and lol about the gallery of that gayclan. When ppl say "good old days" i think this is what they are talking about - ppl wasted time doing funny stuff instead of leagues :)

hooray qwdrama for giving us a break! :D

Saturday 20th October, 2007

That's the clan Core I was talking about! I didn't know it was on the QW wiki (maybe it was added recently - in any case, the article was edited the 19th of october).

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