You hate sunbathing? We have good news for you!

Tuesday 17th July, 2007 | Skip to comments (1)

Those of you who were around during the summer break of 2005 might remember a duel tournament titled “QuakeWorld Summerjam”. The tournaments’ initial aim was to do something about the inactivity that haunts our beloved game each and every summer.

Like in 2005, there will be another QuakeWorld Summerjam this year. So if you’re the kind of person that prefers spending his summer behind curtains watching Star Wars, reading comics and drinking Kool-Aid, this might be just thing thing for you. Also, If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t do the above, but doesn’t see why he can’t play a game or two from time to time - evening during the summer - you should consider signing up to QuakeWorld Summerjam 2007. The signups are open and waiting!

QuakeWorld Summerjam 2007 will be a Single Elimination duel tournament limited to 64 signups. The tournament is set to only take 2 weeks, so with 7 rounds in total, that only gives players 2 days to play their matches. The map-pool is a bit out of the ordinary as well, going for dm4 / dm6 / aerowalk. You are asked NOT TO sign up if you’re unable to play almost every day for 2 weeks, starting this coming Monday, 23rd of July 2007. IRC channel for the tourney is #summerqw on QuakeNet.

To find out more about this highly prestigious tournament, head over and check the site at If you like the concept and have the time to play those games you will be required to, then do something about the decline in activity and sign up!

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Wednesday 18th July, 2007

cute design :D

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