Division 1 back on it’s feet

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I felt like writing something about the current division 1 scene. We will see we the regular clans but with some minor changes and one big surprise 3>

Clan Malfunction
Fix, Fifi, Hlt and ofc the mighty Memil is back.

Firing Squad
Reppie, Razor, Spoink, Keyser plus it looks like Gemini saw daylight from under his rock and has decided to crawl out again. Some rumours say Riker has joined the forces but he claimed he was just playing with poor Razors feelings!

Gamers, Scenic, Eh, Jukka still the same old smooth running machine (in case none of their computers break at least …)

Slackers 1
ParadokS, Murdoc, Dragon, Insane and recently Javve came back

Slackers 2
Zero, Krab, The Evil Dog, Mja, Cpe

Bps, Ok98, Trash, Molecule. Lately we could find top dm3 Retic playing mix, will he be active again?

I see you thinking where are XantoM/Pascal (xterm)/Martin (valla)? is it true? is it??#$@@@!

Yes it is, the great old Fragomatic are back featuring XantoM, valla, xterm and the interceptor!

A few teams you can’t forget and of which everybody hopes that they will play:

Griffins Tappra Gossar
Griffin, Mrlame, UL, Ermac, Dakoth, Slugfest. A few days ago Griffin, Dakoth, Ermac and Slugfest were playing 2on2 so who knows!

The Viper Squad
Ihminen, Blaze, Milton, Mirage. There have been rumours they will play for several months and despite the fact that Blaze said there isn’t enough activity it seems like there is still a slim chance they will compete.

Nussi, Harvester, Tuoppi, Mate, Darkki, even though they haven’t been around lately AQ has always been a contender in division 1, let’s hope they will be back in september.

Despite the fact that some of the earlier mentioned teams might not play it will be interesting to see where some players end up since it looks like Lege Artis isn’t competing. If the individuals will still play it will leave players like Nabbe, Riker, Inferno, Slime, Rock, TCO (and who knows about the new to QW pro gamer Fox) on the player market, maybe they play as LA or form a team?!

It looks like some hot action is coming up and I’m really looking forward to it!

14 responses to “Division 1 back on it’s feet”

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Tuesday 7th August, 2007

If div1 gets active, that means that div2 will be active and get lots more of the old players to start speccing/trying to play a little -> soon start playing and we will have a really active qw scene this season? :F

Tuesday 7th August, 2007

I seen dag and space two weeks ago.
May be LA going to be active?

Tuesday 7th August, 2007

nice writing Smurrie!

Tuesday 7th August, 2007

if GTG puts their team together it would feel like christmas to me..

Tuesday 7th August, 2007

sounds nice :J

Tuesday 7th August, 2007

What about me? I play all the time...

Tuesday 7th August, 2007

akke: poker räknas inte

Tuesday 7th August, 2007

whats sr2 doing in div1? :)

Tuesday 7th August, 2007


Tuesday 7th August, 2007
Tuesday 7th August, 2007


Wednesday 8th August, 2007

fifi is nowhere to be found and myself on a laptop from next week. let's hope for some great comeback by master Siv and Angua to make cmf top-team.

Åke Vader
Wednesday 8th August, 2007

You know, I don't wanna sound like a queer or nuthin', but i think the EQL div1 teams will kick ass!

Saturday 11th August, 2007

btw sd lineup holds lakso and not trash.
retic is doing trials, more info on that later.

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