Good game… or maybe not?

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Good game tennis!

It’s Saturday, raining and definitely time for a quick rant: Hasn’t it ever bothered you that some people write “gg” after every godforsaken game, regardless of how the game went or what the result ended up to be?

People for some mysterious reason always compare QuakeWorld to tennis, where you walk to the net after the game and shake hands. Well I have revolutionary news for you: QuakeWorld and tennis have as much in common as QuakeWorld and getting laid. “But they’re both competitive sports” is what gg-sayers claim in their defense. Yawn.

The last time I ever saw someone lag or drop in tennis was… ermm… oh wait: NEVER?! And when do “tennis-noobs” ever get bashed to pulp by really experienced players. What are tennis equivalents to “full start” and ping? I’m really having problems picturing this grotesque and clumsy comparison.

In my couple of years active in the QuakeWorld scene I have seen the most pathetic attempts to sportsmanship. I’ve seen people write “gg” even if their opposing team had to play 3on4 for almost the entire 20 minutes, or their opponent was lagging throughout the entire game, or fake-nicking people writing “gg” after they just beat a new player 55:0. When confronting the players and asking ‘Err… so why gg?” people in most cases reply something along the lines of “Dunno, I always say it” or “Because I played well”. Holy shit, now that’s really a great and meaningful gesture and a sincere appreciation of the opponent’s gameplay!

So I ask myself: When exactly did sportsmanship get reduced to a meaningless, redundant 2-character abbreviation that you just “always say”? And if people always say it, don’t actually mean it, but feel the urge to say something insincere, then why don’t they stick to “Manamana… do doo dododooo” instead? It would symbolise their boundless sportsmanship just as much!

So what I suggest is the following: If you didn’t really think the game was good, shut the hell up. If your opponent impressed you, complement him on what impressed you specifically. If you just completely trashed some guy that only recently switched to QuakeWorld, then perhaps invest 2 minutes of your time in giving some tips & tricks. The ethical revolution is just a gib away.

P.S.: Where do you stand on this? Write a comment to give me your personal rant.

36 responses to “Good game… or maybe not?”

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Saturday 1st September, 2007

this was vgg, man, best article about gaming that i readed in ages. nice job!

Saturday 1st September, 2007

"QuakeWorld and tennis have as much in common as QuakeWorld and getting laid."
Ah crap. Gotta go. :P

PS: I thought "gg" came from *g* which means (gay) grin for a long time. gl hf is just as stupid in my eyes, just like saying "hi, how are you" so regularly and thoughtless that it's nothing but an empty shell.

Saturday 1st September, 2007
true words there, I've reacted in the same way to lame excuses when people say "gg" to a poor game..

Saturday 1st September, 2007

haha, this was an original subject...
well i totally agree.. everytime i play reppie in duel he insists on saying "hf" and i have to answer back "gl" just to be nice.. its so anoying!! because sometimes it's just before the match starts and i have to try and type it fast, but then my fingers and keyboard is totally out of place when I spawn..
this is infact why i mostly loose...
i hope this madness will stop

Saturday 1st September, 2007

I couldnĀ“t have said it better, GG!

Saturday 1st September, 2007

yeah its more fun to actually say what was so good about the game like: ffs soma, that was some bad ass action in ra room when i had quad and u attacked me with lg, too bad i had enough hp to survive and kill you! ;)

Sunday 2nd September, 2007

hehe ye i agree! with raz as well ... saying gg or hf is like an automatic reflex for me, just like making a screenshot or typing list every 30 seconds when i want a game to start :)

Sunday 2nd September, 2007

this gl hf gg shit starts with the releases of hl/cs
all cs-kiddies.

Sunday 2nd September, 2007

I never say "gl" or anything like that before the games, I just spam "allah is with me" and show them that I will win and u will lose :P

In the end of the games Ill rather use other terms like "ez", "2ez4me" or "ownage" than the normal "gg".
But mostly vs ppl I kinda now, some might get offended but the real meaning of it is;
"hihi I won, lets play another one and try to beat me then"

some ppl (soma) might get angry by this, they just dont understand the concept of it!
Saying gg after a game is when its a clan 4on4 game and it has been tight + good sportmanship on the opponents side, so u respect the other player(s) and return with a "gg".

It differs from player to player but thats my position on the whole gg talk.

so it was 2ez4me last time I won 4on4 vs u soma :)

Sunday 2nd September, 2007

Good read there Soma, this is also something that has been pissing me off in team games when one team gets raped and the winning team says "gg", I'd much more prefer to say "better luck next time".

Sunday 2nd September, 2007


Monday 3rd September, 2007

LOL razor :D

Monday 3rd September, 2007

hahaha razor =)))

Monday 3rd September, 2007

You can always use the wp, well played abbreviation. I tend to use it when i have lost 0-35 in a duel. It fits better than gg, as 0-35 hardly ever is a good game.

The gg only fits when a game is very close or you manage to steal pent in front of 4 enemy RLs :P

Monday 3rd September, 2007

Imo saying gg too me is still a bit of sportmanship. Today we played a 2-2 vs you soma and we won by 1 frag, isn't that worth a gg? You said not but then what is? When you win?

Monday 3rd September, 2007

i dont think saying gg prevents anyone from giving tips or guiding them to be better.. personally i dont use these acronyms but this was a silly article anyway.

imo gg doesnt have to reflect to all the aspects of the game and its perfectly ok to say gg when you're impressed by your own abilities to smack some freshie down - or when you try your best but just cant compete on his level and get your ass kicked 60-0.

since most people are quite much self centered anyway they mostly say gg from their own aspect and has little or none care about the opponents gaming quality. if i were to use these gg's and what-nots i would most certainly not think whether or not the opponent had any physical distractions, such as a dog biting him or a door bell ringing, before saying such horrible things.

though saying gg as a habit has no meaning in my eyes but i asume a high quantity of people using "gg" doesnt say that automatically regardless of what happened in the game

Monday 3rd September, 2007

and yes before you ask i do enjoy blabbering shit that pops in my mind without any real points or just way off topic

Monday 3rd September, 2007

I know it's fun to rant but I honestly think it's a pretty weak thing to go after. I wholly support the tennis analogy - while there are qw players that are retarded, drop, whine etc is all the more reason to strive for good manners. It doesn't have to have been an outstanding game but it's common courtesy to thank your opponent for the game unless they've done something to royally piss you off.

Oh, and "this grotesque and clumsy comparison." oh the melodrama. Some people sure get worked up about computer games :)

Still, I suppose qwdrama is the right forum for a column like this and I had fun reading it even if I disagree. Cheerio.

Monday 3rd September, 2007

you play tennis then lib, eh?

i admit i probably use "gg" way to often. i think for me it comes from tf because it's much more common to say gg after a full 35 minute game of 8 v 8 no matter how bad the game was.. at least i think it was. ah the memories of '97 (barrysworld anyone??)

Monday 3rd September, 2007

haven't played tennis in years though i don't know what that has to do with anything.

and barrysworld was a playground for anyone with some skill. brits never knew how to play tf :)

Tuesday 4th September, 2007

I feel that when the game has been incredibly close and you only win because of a comical lag spike. That the only honest and fair thing to say after the game is a ... "Get it right up ya!"

Wednesday 5th September, 2007

The gg has a lot of meanings. Everyone knows all of them and they are never the same. It simply lies in the air and you can only feel the vibes off the "gg" the very first 5 seconds after a map has been played... If gg is written after uneven games it can have meanings like this (a few examples). gg1: the winner teams slaps the loser team in the face, gg2: the winning team thinks the game SUCKED (ironic), gg3: the losing team thinks the game sucked (ironic). gg4: the losing team uses it instead of "well played". gg5: "I-don't-care,-lets-just-play-another-one-ASAP- before-you-motherfkn-quit-and-i-can't-revenge-you..."

Wednesday 5th September, 2007

How about the real thing that should piss someone off: when your opponent only says GG when he wins.

Wednesday 5th September, 2007

BTW, I can name at least four different NA QWers who constantly hide behind aliases (I usually do /name "" but I never try to be a new persona and I will reveal myself when asked) and never say GG when they lose.

Wednesday 5th September, 2007

why even do /name "" ?

Wednesday 5th September, 2007

To avoid a few of the ever-so-famous NA lamers. My config has /name "" and I just tend to leave it there. I have no problem with revealing who I am but I do have a problem with running around on a server waiting for someone to join with my nick. You will not believe some of the crap some NA QWers do.

Wednesday 5th September, 2007

Also, I don't play on EU servers at all, so it's not like I'm the whining Swedish alias you see in mixes.

Saturday 8th September, 2007

Haven't you realized that 'gg' is used as much just to annoy the opponent as it is for it's original purpose. :)

Monday 10th September, 2007


Tuesday 11th September, 2007


Saturday 29th September, 2007

well yhea gg gl hf is a cs thing, bah !

Sunday 7th October, 2007

Back in my active days I got very annoyed by people using "lol"-binds after each and every frag they made. It didn't matter if they made a frag, i made one or they suicided. Apparently they were ALWAYS laughing out loudly. Made me very angry. ;-)

Sunday 7th October, 2007

Eh, gg hasn't anything with good game anymore ;) I would say it is from starcraft, there u use GG to say, "the game is over, you can leave now".. Same goes for wc3.,. When the game is over you call a GG...! nooobs!

Wednesday 17th October, 2007

gg5 ftw

Sunday 13th January, 2008

knast and all others how oppose their opinion on others regarding duels or tp games. It's not up to you to fucking decide whether a player want to say gg or gl or whatever.. It's up to individual
preferences and habit. To say don't say gg or anything is just oppressing others wishes, and just proves that all this thread is about biased people who think their opinion is the only way to see a subjective world in gaming. And Knast, you mistake something, gg/gl was introduced not when cs was introduced. It had been around when cs wasn't even thought up. When you knast and btw, Soma didn't know what QUAKEWORLD was. So please spare us of this UTTER NONSENSE. with regards.

the old skool

Wednesday 15th October, 2008

i will write kma every time now...

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