Holy shit, it actually worked!

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Anyone who has played QuakeWorld for more than a week knows about the issues that rookies have these days. First they need to spend a considerable amount of time to set up the config to fit their needs and then they find out the painful truth: Whether or not they played with a perfect config and the newest gaming mouse or just a Sega steering wheel with your pedal bound to “+forward” hardly makes a significant difference; Being a rookie is highly demotivating. Consequently, only few of them make it past the first week before giving up.

Keep this in mind and picture the following scenario: You randomly select a couple of these QuakeWorld rookies, all of whom don’t even know each other, tell them to form a clan and ask them to sign up for the next league. And then, as if it wasn’t utopian and far-fetched enough, you add the typical QuakeWorld mentality of “I’ll sign up now and won’t bother playing my games once the tournament starts” and you multiply the unlikeliness of everything going smoothly times seven. Never going to work? Well that’s what I thought too…

But surprisingly it did. Many people were skeptical when Itsinen announced his “team building initiative” and started a thread at the QuakeWorld.nu forum in order to find teamplay-hungry rookies. “Nice idea” is what most people said back then, but QuakeWorld history has proven to us more than once that “nice ideas” and “success” don’t always walk hand in hand.

While I too thought it was a nice idea, it reminded me of another “nice idea” that was pursued in 2004. A handful of people had created a league titled “PickMeUp!”. People from all across Europe could sign up for the league and the admins then somewhat randomly (with regard to skill-level of course) created about eight teams consisting of five to six people. These were not demotivated rookies but experienced players. However, even though the league had a working website and was run by a competent crew of admins, a shocking amount of 0 (zero!) games were played. Now if it didn’t work with experienced players, why on earth would anyone even consider the possibility of this rookie project not failing. Itsinen’s “team building initiative” was doomed and destined to fail, but it didn’t.

Despite the horrendous linguistic crime of calling it “Division rookies”, one cannot deny the success of the current lowest division in the underway season of EQL. Four weeks into the league, “Division rookies” is the only division in which all participating teams have played at least one game.

But what exactly are the reasons for this? Why didn’t these rookies get frustrated and give up? Are the numerous attempts to bring rookies on board finally working out? Who should be thanked for this? Perhaps #qwrookie on QuakeNet? Maybe Quakecon for including QuakeWorld in their tournament? Itsinen? The guys from ezQuake and nQuake? QWDrama? QuakeWorld.nu? Goldrush? The Ignition admins? The courageous rookies? The QuakeWorld Kenya Collective? The KTX crew? All of the above? Please, you tell me!

Either way, I am more than happy about all the new faces in the scene and I pull my hat to this season’s rookies for proving stamina and courage. Perhaps there’s even a thing or two we can learn from these guys.

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Tuesday 16th October, 2007

Yeah div rookies ftw! :D

Tuesday 16th October, 2007

Yeah prob all of the above, and the fact they can play against people/teams of a similar ability, hence get the enjoyment of a relatively close game. So it's almost a catch-22, you need rookies to attract rookies. In which case Istinen is the catalyst who amplified all potential to the level it needs to be almost self-sustaining.

Wednesday 17th October, 2007

nice article Soma.

Wednesday 17th October, 2007

yeah really is/was a good idea. i also was attracted by the ignition cup, at first for fun (at the time i still played counterstrike regularly). Although i couldnt play in ignition because i was too late/not rookie enough i enjoyed playing against other semi-rookies. After that i noticed the 4on4 games are pritty cool, and i didnt play any mixes because i was too noob. But then 4on4 rookie cup came. We are in div5 tho. but its really going well and currently are 2nd placed.

So the "gap" of playing a different game on a higher skill level and starting a new game with a lower was made easy for me, thanks to these projects.

Wednesday 17th October, 2007

i can't tell you by words how happy i am about this.

There was a mix of events since early 2007 that changed the rookies perspective of qw imo. nquake, #qwhelp and #qwrookies, kenya, ignition.. It was a matter of time until someone stepped in and organized all those random rookies on #qwrookies. 1tsinen did it sucessfully and ofc without the rookies there are no rookie competitions. EQL6 is a success rookie-wise - the first 4on4 comp that accomplished it.

But lets not sleep over this and think how great this went. I think its time to think and plan the next step (yes sassa, planning is important). What will happen when eql6 finishes? I dunno if nqr is going to start or no, but we need a mid-end season (before summer and during summer 2008) tournament. Start in april? i havent checked the calendar, but this torunament should start before the eql6 playoffs. To keep activity level high.
No decisions need to be made right away, but, as homework :), think what kind of tournaments we may hold then.

hugs to all, congratulations for who made this possible and a special reference for all new players, welcome aboard and hf! get confortable as qw is a game to play for eternity!

Wednesday 17th October, 2007

Mushi: I am very pleased with your answer, agree with 95% of what you wrote, and I'm happy to see that you share my enthusiasm! However, there is one thing you said that I strongly disagree with:

"EQL6 is a success rookie-wise - the first 4on4 comp that accomplished it."

While I don't want to steal credit off anyone, I don't see how the EQL team 'accomplished' anything in this process. The rookies were there before EQL 6 started (because of the tournaments, qw client and support that you mentioned) and EQL merely invested the necessary 30 seconds to create an additional div titled "Div Rookies".

Wednesday 17th October, 2007


Åke Vader
Wednesday 17th October, 2007

To Mushi:
EQL is supposed to end around the beginning of January (same time as QHLAN) and i think it's good with a pause between EQL and the next big 4on4 league (be it EQL or something else), or else the tournament won't feel as "exclusive" anymore. That is a problem we've had the past two years with EQL running four times a year and NQR like two-three times a year. I think it makes clans value the tournaments less and go with the "aw, fuck this, we can win the league in a couple of months again" attitude. Imo quality > quantity when it comes to leagues.

However, to keep up this surge of new 4on4 teams it is probably a good idea to have some kind of competition in between, just like you suggest. I would say a kenya 4on4 league would suit better then as that's not as "heavy" as a "real" league.

Åke Vader
Wednesday 17th October, 2007

And on the z0mg-the-rookies-never-give-up-thingie: i think the equal competition adds to the fun which makes teams more likely to cope with the pressure in the beginning. I also think that players from other games that have played them competitively, be it CS, Q3, Q4 or something else, have a bit different attitude than some of the current QW players. They now it takes pracpracprac to win and won't hesitate to spend some time on it. :)

Friday 19th October, 2007

Thanks for the kind words soma and ake.
2 soma:
eql6 just happen to be the league rookies joined. nothing to do with the admins. The rookies and the ppl who help them daily have all the credits. I guess u agree with me 100% now :)

2ake: 100% agree. and that kenya league is a good suggestion. a more relaxed one. and at the same time inject new maps/mods in the community (deurks instagib is really cool!)

Thursday 25th October, 2007

qw cup!

Tuesday 30th October, 2007

nice post soma!

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