Kurwa, Kurfal… What? Just, Krulowa Fal 2.0

Thursday 27th December, 2007 | Skip to comments (9)

Patryk Rzadzinski, who you may know better as Faustov in the QuakeWorld community, has released the latest version of his Krulowa Fal 2.0 project today. Krulowa Fal is supposed to make searching for specific players or browsing servers easier for the QuakeWorld players. The most radical change from version 1.0 is that Krulowa Fal 2.0 is now a standalone program running in the background. In cooperation with Quakeservers.net, searching with Krulowa Fal is now faster than ever before as the poller is linked live to the database.

Krulowa Fal can now also be used in several different ways, such as:

“One of them is running your own KF2 and polling it by using the sample udpclient.c, included in this package. Another way is preparing some webpage in php with a function sending UDP queries to KF2, then presenting the results in it’s web layout. Another option would be using a tcl script with UDP extensions to poll KF2. This would allow IRC integration via any IRC bot (tcl functions for sending UDP packets require an extension, luckily there are many tutorials).”

Download links and more information about this project can be found on the project’s own website.

9 responses to “Kurwa, Kurfal… What? Just, Krulowa Fal 2.0”

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Thursday 27th December, 2007

I read this post and everything at the site but I still have no idea what this is. :P

Thursday 27th December, 2007

Heh spirit :D from the site "It was written to make searching for specific players or browsing servers easier. KF runs in the background and listens for UDP packets on a specified port. Those packets should contain commands with parameters, such as fp for "find player" or q for querying servers (see README for description). Once KF gets such packet, it will process it and respond to the sender. "

In short: it's an universal, fast and reliable engine for server query and player search (QW).

Thursday 27th December, 2007

Bigger, faster, better:)it's realy useful:)but the best of all is its brilliant name.

Thursday 27th December, 2007

who would be the prime 'target market' for this when fully featured server browsers already exist for qw both in-client (ezquake) and outside (qtracker, HLSW, Quakeservers.net)?

Friday 28th December, 2007

probably HaudRauf's ServeMe and whoever would like to get the functionality for his own use with very little effort. Also, nothing you mentioned has the same functionality KF2 has.

Friday 28th December, 2007

Good job Faustov! <3

Thursday 3rd January, 2008

I hope you relise it under GPL v3 license V100!
good work man!

Monday 27th October, 2008

kurwa means fuck :)

Monday 27th October, 2008

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