EQL to torture us once again?

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A secret source has revealed to us that the European Quake League might be planning to launch a new season. Most of us probably don’t have good memories of the last season of EQL as the whole season and playoffs were quite poorly organised; not to mention the league coverage. However, it seems that new breezes are blowing in the crew as the crew is no longer dictated by Sassa, who has apparently stepped down from the Head admin position just to help when needed.

European Quake League is known to be just a 4on4 league, but if the rumours turn into facts then there might be the possibility of a 2on2 league to be held along with the regular 4on4 league. The history of QuakeWorld 2on2 leagues is not a pretty thing to look at though: Most of the leagues have died and ended in one way or another. Most recently NNQL made a fine example of how a league is not meant to be run, as both of the seasons turned to be total disasters.

The starting date of the new season remains a mystery, but now that Sassa is not in the lead, the crew might be smart enough to not start the season in middle of the NQR playoffs. However, if you take a look at your calendar, you should realise that the summer is right around the corner and summer is obviously the worst time to run competitions that involve QuakeWorld. But is the crew’s new blood patient enough to wait all summer long until fall to start the new season? That is left to be seen.

23 responses to “EQL to torture us once again?”

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Thursday 17th April, 2008

Last EQL really did have quite a few issues indeed. But with Itsinen taking control now I'm pretty confident that whatever they come up with is going to blow last EQL out of scale. Good luck from my side anyway!

Thursday 17th April, 2008

If Itsinen is truely head admin for the upcoming EQL, it will rock totally! :)

Thursday 17th April, 2008

let's try that again with a little bit more enthusiasm, shall we?

Thursday 17th April, 2008

My memories of last EQL are very positive. I'm looking forward to the EQL, I hope it is a traditional 4v4 league with 6 divisions.

Thursday 17th April, 2008

give us 2on2! :>

Thursday 17th April, 2008

itsinen was more or less headadmin last eql, he ran it all togheter!
I am headadmin when eizid gonna play and I will nazi you with minping and what ever just to fuck around with you, muhahahhahaha fear!

Thursday 17th April, 2008

The only problem is that I quit playing qw over a month ago and I'm not going to come back :)

Thursday 17th April, 2008

It would be excellent to include a 2on2 league as well. I could be an alternative when one of the teams are not able to show up with four people.

Thursday 17th April, 2008

Correction: It could be...

Thursday 17th April, 2008

Not so sure about that one Trygve. Combining game modes was something Djevulsk had come with about a year ago as well. And while the idea itself is really nice, I do believe they'd have to be separated within the league. Personally, 2on2 is my least favourite game mode (aside from 3on3 and FFA) and I'd be more than just unhappy if our opponent was able to say "Hey, we don't have 4, but you can play 2on2 vs us instead. It counts like a 4on4!". What would be worth a try though was if teams had to battle each other in 4on4 AND 2on2. Something like...
Win a 2on2 map = 1 point
Win a 4on4 map = 3 points
(just random thoughts, without calculating or thinking about consequences of the above point system)

Thursday 17th April, 2008

Indeed, 2v2 and 4v4 are completely different game types and should not be mixed in the same league. A separate 2on2 league is not a bad idea, as long as it is not another sprawling megaleague that lasts till Christmas.

Thursday 17th April, 2008

Yes, two seperate eql leagues, 2on2 and 4on4, would be interesting. A 2on2 should not count like a 4on4. However, the nnql league worked great until the point where almost everyone stopped playing. Im looking forward to a new nnql, or eql 2on2, whatever the name is. With the system you suggest for a parallel 4on4/2on2 eql, only one 2on2-team for each clan, with any players in the clan?

Friday 18th April, 2008

damn it, I think we are on the same boat now eizid :(

Saturday 19th April, 2008

Well NNQL had problems with their website and maybe again too long season, but from my experiences it was mostly the players that made it fall. Too many teams with members that were rarely online and even more rarely online at the same time. Then there were teams that had both players online very often, but _simply wouldn't play_. Even during regular season. This really pissed me off as me and Creature made an honest effort to try and get our games played, constantly harrassing the other teams for 2-3 weeks, but getting zero games. (This was after we had played the 3-4 games that we completed)

If you're not gonna play or only wanna play on your best day or can't be sure about your teammate then Please don't sign up. That waste of time coupled with the fkn lawlness that was eql6 div2 was plenty enough reason for me to go on hiatus.

Sunday 20th April, 2008

the same goes for all the 4on4 clans that sign up and play 0-1-2-3 games out of 9-11 gamed and then just go idle or join other clans...

think a little before you sign up. will my mates play most of the games?

Monday 21st April, 2008

i would liek to remind that last eql was runied by placing ENEMY QUAD in div4 . Who was respondible for that ?

Monday 21st April, 2008

Well the divisions cant be a problem this year, just look at nqr and se how the teams did there.

Tuesday 22nd April, 2008

should be easy to place teams now, unless ppl start to form new teams or fakenick in lower tier teams (as if that has never happenend before)

Wednesday 23rd April, 2008

I don't see why placing one team in the wrong division could ruin anything. Ok so they win.

Friday 25th April, 2008

or they lose all games with 500-0 until they quit quake

Monday 7th July, 2008

hm, why is the eql.nu url dead?:(

Tuesday 8th July, 2008

Looks like they forgot to pay for the domain name.

Åke Vader
Sunday 5th October, 2008

They didn't forget it, they just thought the money could be spent on other stuff i think.

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