Our prophecy fulfilled, our prayers unanswered

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Unfortunately. European Quake League season 7 is about to finish but for many people it was finished before it even started. Almost every point I made in my post “EQL to torture us again?” became reality. I am not proud that I was able to predict the outcome of the league, why? Because it was so damn obvious.

“But is the crew’s new blood patient enough to wait all summer long until fall to start the new season? That is left to be seen.” was my finishing line in that article and as we know by now, they weren’t patient enough. It surprises me that people still fall for this mistake. All the members of EQL crew have played QuakeWorld for various seasons and are aware that summer is the time when it is simply time for something else, something that’s not QW. If they acknowledged this issue, I can’t quite understand what made them still go for the obvious disaster. Back in the day when I used to run my cups for Quake3, I always tried to make it the best possible cup I possibly could. So how can the EQL guys even imagine of doing a best possible league they could if they already knew that one of worst issues were about to hit them without a doubt?

In the history of QuakeWorld maybe this season of EQL will remain as the example of “what to not do”. However I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be any tourneys or leagues during the summer. Instead, I think summer is good time for little competitions that don’t last long. Tournaments such as KTK and FTK could work fluently because they require the players attention just for couple of hours on the given day. Even if big competitions like EQL feel more prestigious, I would personally still prefer a well run KTK or FTK over that during summer because QuakeWorld should be all about having fun. And as we all know, 4on4 + summer holidays + good weather don’t form the most fun equasion. When the weather is decent and people go on holiday, 4on4 simply requires too many people to be available simultaneously at a given time.

It may seem overly harsh to criticise everything these guys are doing, and this is by no means the intention of this article. Regardless of how this season of EQL went, the people involved tried to contribute to keeping this game alive, which is a whole lot more than what 90% of the people involved in the scene do. But with all the exerience these guys have, it is even more puzzling why these guys made so many simple mistakes. NQR could have easily started earlier if someone had notified them that EQL was planning to squish another season in between NQR11 and the notorious “summer break” QuakeWorld seems to take every year. Well at least this year the EQL guys waited until NQR was over, which is something they unfortunately failed to do with EQL5, which ended up overlapping with NQR10.
And what about the European Football Cup? The schedule for that has been up for half a year, and it’s no secret that Europeans tend to be pretty fanatic about football. Like it or not, but an event like that even draws some of the biggest nerds away from their computer screens and into the sunlight.
To sum things up a little: It really shouldn’t be that hard to successfully run two leagues during the 12 months that fill up a year’s calendar. What’s wrong with running EQL from October until December and NQR from February until April (or the other way round, of course)? Sure, two 4on4 tournaments might not be all that much, but who wouldn’t rather see two well organised tourneys instead of the idlemania presented to us in EQL6 and EQL7?

Furthermore, EQL keeps on suffering from a lack of coverage. Where were the predictions, the interviews, the columns? Unfortunately the EQL site isn’t up right now, and it currently actually leads to a beautiful site reading “eql.nu might still be available for registration”, but if I remember right, there were only about a dozen posts during the entirety of the season. A league is not going to be attractive to spectators if the news posts can be summarised under “signups are open, the divisions are up, please play your games even though it’s summer, we found a russian cheater, playoffs began, eql is over”. Some of the EQL admins have previously written a ton of coverage/news at QuakeWorld.nu prior to EQL7, so why stall when it’s actually most important?

One of the main arguments the EQL admins have come up with in their defense was that “Sure, the activity wasn’t amazing, but we knew it would be this way because it’s summer, and it was only supposed to be a short/small season”. Well this might be a nice attempt to suffocate criticism before it even emerges, but on the other hand it makes you think “If you knew things were gonna suck, why do it anyway?”. As mentioned above, the admins tried to contribute to keeping this game alive, and one has to respect that. But if a tourney makes people think “Fuck 4on4, QuakeWorld is dead”, you really gotta ask yourself whether you actually contributed or not.
Again, this might seem overly harsh and demotivating for people trying to make an effort. But if you talk the talk, you should be prepared to walk the walk.

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Saturday 12th July, 2008

Good read, but maybe way too long article for such a simple statement.
In my opinion it's mostly due to most players getting irresponsible - QW is not that important to them as it used to be years ago.
And also ofcourse the coverage. Not only there wasn't coverage, even the tables/reports were buggy this season. That demotivates players from playing too imho.

Saturday 12th July, 2008

ktk/fte is the way during the summers or the old trickey tourneys!

eizid, good written!

Sunday 13th July, 2008

People got old, got jobs, life, careers... it's the same with every game. The group of people who play it are the youngsters from the time when the game was released and with time - they grow up and give up on it, their friends sometimes get involved, but the trend is obvious to everyone and qw is really old now.

You all talk the talk, then try to walk the walk, try to dress up the dead man, but what's the way of bringing it back to life? My answer here is 100% free qw.

Sunday 13th July, 2008

Here we go again... Imo regular season was fine, went pretty much like hoped except for that one div4. Playoffs suffered of inactivity due mostly to football, and yes many ppl knew about this football but I'm no big football person so I personally had no clue about something like this was coming up at any point. Our mistake yes...
We actually came up with this season during NQR, so NO, we had no chance of asking NQR to start their league earlier.
If you also actually would play QW you maybe would have known that this season was not meant to be a "proper one"... we actually announced that already before the start of the season so it had nothing to do with "covering our backs in the end". Also a bunch of tests were made to see if we could use some new stuff in proper seasons that would be played in the future... some of them good and some of them bad, but atleast we know now.
Coverage I have to totally agree on. Where is it? I don't know... I've wondered about it a couple of times myself. I'm not blaming anyone but there were supposed to be ALOT of it and the plans were clear. :)
And imo reading only news on this site these days with a: "I hate eql"-person as a writer and a attitude of: "I want to bring down qw" I don't actually know why do it? You don't even play qw anymore, can't you try to put your effort into trying to improve something on the qwscene instead of actually trying to drag it down? Afaik you were also in the crew that played prac all night long in EQL6 playoffs instead of playing an official against your opponent the last night... and you wonder why EQL doesn't seem to "work" like it should, when the excuse was: "we don't want to play them"...
Still lots of crap I'm tired of and that is unwritten here but gotta give credits to a non-qw player, that has so much energy to write posts to try to demotivate the qwscene. Haven't actually heard much whine about the players this season.. maybe because they know it's summer and players aren't that active?

Sunday 13th July, 2008

I don't usually comment much on my articles but I gotta ask you this one question. What the fuck is a non proper season? Are you freaking kidding me? You tell me that I'm bringing qw down and yet you're the one making a league that you purposely make without your full effort. Now how retarded is that? If anything, THAT is what really affects the qw scene. I can write whatever I want and it is up to the people's mind to decide how they take it. However if you find a qw player that quit playing because of my articles please tell him that I owe him a beer, lol.

Sunday 13th July, 2008

Proper season = full length season, and I've put as much time into the league as possible, hard to put more than that... And ofc you can write whatever you wish I'm not saying that, the thing is that I just don't like spreading of that attitude. I've also tried to advertise and give a good picture of qwdrama -> this is what we get back from that? Loads of shit straight into our faces? GG once again Eizid...

Monday 14th July, 2008


Gj with eql and qwdrama, both great sites. I enjoyed this season. Lost some close maps in playoffs.

Monday 14th July, 2008

to me, eql is a little nqr. not as "important". eql should have a different system. and end in June.

Kenya-like tournaments are the way to go in the summer. and one map tournaments also, like phil's. add a nice coverage and you got all the fun you can get in summer time.

Monday 14th July, 2008

such a long article
it would be better u write "i hate eql and the admins of it" and copy&paste it for 100 times.
always the same person that make trouble...
little lame fucking bastard
sry for that fucking, first time that i used it in a comment
the eql is not a drama, qwdrama.com is not a drama
u are a drama!

so sad
Monday 14th July, 2008


Tuesday 15th July, 2008

i agree with the columnist

Tuesday 15th July, 2008

I agree the timing of EQL was kind of a recipe for disaster. However it's not all admins' fault it went like it did. Most problems were caused by people signing up and then not playing.

Better luck next time.

Åke Vader
Tuesday 15th July, 2008

You can't criticise (spelling? weird word) the EQL crew for the lack of coverage, it's not (or at least, shouldn't be) their responsibility. I remember when i asked around for simple columnists for the last EQL season i was involved in - i got ONE volunteer.

Wednesday 16th July, 2008

Åke, it is generally considered to be the admins responsibility to get coverage going or recruiting someone who wants to and can do it. If they can't recruit anyone, then it's on them, simple as that.

It's the same thing with the website. If they can't recruit someone to deal with the code, then it's on them. You can't just say that, oh well, we didn't find a coder or any columnists so our website will suck donkey balls and only the most important news snippets will be posted. Or in all honesty, ofc you could, but how would that make your league look :P

Åke Vader
Thursday 17th July, 2008

In my opinion the coverage is a real luxury to have made by the league crew as they already have so much to do already. The league presents the results on their website and anyone can view them and follow the games when they are announced etc. Writing coverage is a really low priority task when running a tournament. Getting any quality coverage out takes time, time that is better spent on something else when it's close to impossible to get people contributing.

What i basically want to say is that this kind of stuff should be outsourced to sites like qw.nu instead. This don't happen though and i can see why - how fun is it to report the same thing happening for the 99999999999th time in a year? The 4on4 leagues are really a bore these days (although i can admit that the last NQR season was alright with a few upsets, one can debate why there were upsets though) and the only exciting stuff are the recent LAN tournaments. Everything else has just become...routine.

Thursday 17th July, 2008

I do agree with åke about the coverage section, shouldnt be a high priority task for the league, the other news-sites should do it (qw.nu/qwdrama).

The only real good coverage made on a site was nqr4? with link as the main guy, that was good shit!
daily updates!

Getting out of the boredom (=routine) is drama!
Get some drama going during the tourney and you will have an exciting tourney. The coverage will help the excitement aswell.

Saturday 19th July, 2008

i have tried to provide coverage from time to time, both for eql and for nqr. the problem is that i didnt have time to watch most of the games because a) i didnt have time and b) i didnt know that games where being played since noone really cares to announce games when they are div2-6

maybe it is hard to find ppl with the time to sit and watch almost every game in a division and also provide good coverage and match reports but if there are ppl out there who do have the time for this then announce your interest to do so and maybe we can have better covare next nqr/eql

i will gladly provide pre-season coverage for any league and division since it seems like the work i have put in in the past has been appreciated

Saturday 19th July, 2008

....nice that we still have the drama!

Tuesday 22nd July, 2008

manu come back, i'll make you mixtapes!

Wednesday 23rd July, 2008

lib! If you manage to get him back I'll make one too!

Sunday 27th July, 2008

Do some coverage yourself next season instead of writing these kinds of posts afterwards?

Monday 28th July, 2008

Hey said it would happen and it did :(

Monday 28th July, 2008

im just glad we have any admins at all that actually run tournys..
there have been so many admins in the past that finally quit after all whine..
there has been succesful summer tournys, so whynot try? it doesnt hurt if it fails? u can have another tourny in the fall anyway..
im assuming its not exactly easy to run a good leuage nowadays in qw.
i'd say its more the players faults if it is inactive.
And also the coverage is just silly to blame admins.
That is just everyones fault :)

anyways, when does next 4on4 tourny start? :)

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