Thoughts and ideas for qwdrama updates

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qwdrama v4

qwdrama v3 has been around for quite a while and the activity on the qwdrama network has been somewhat limited the last couple of months, so I thought that some kind of update(s) that improves these sites would help to change this trend.

One improvement I made recently was adding the “QW Network Topbar”, which gives quick access to the most used QW-related sites and keeps visitors within our beloved community of QW websites.

These are my thoughts so far for further improvement of the qwdrama network:

General updates

  • Merge QW Schedule and Goldrush - They are kinda the same thing.
  • Host one or several yearly tournaments (1on1/2on2/4on4 ?)

qwdrama updates

  • Move tutorials from qwdrama to QuakeWorld Wiki - Replace this section with a new one (what?)
  • Get one or perhaps two new authors (/msg XantoM if your interested) to boost the article activity

Goldrush updates

  • User-suggested games (instead of QW Schedule).
  • Multiple odds - Bet a single sum on any amount of games, if you picked the correct option for all of these games, you win $[X]*[odds all games multiplied by eachother].
  • Multiple bet-modes for a single game - Winner / winner (x-x) / last frag / most bores / best LG % etc.
  • Automatic confirmation of results (requires a RSS feed from the tournament webiste) in addition to manual confirmation.

I haven’t included either of QuakeWorld Wiki or QuakeWorld GFX because I haven’t really thought of anything to improve on those sites, they seem to be running along quite fine for the moment.


What do you think of this? Any suggestions you may think of are more than welcome!

16 responses to “Thoughts and ideas for qwdrama updates”

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Tuesday 12th August, 2008

all sounds good. if you are going to update goldrush, you should make sure that your bet odds are locked in at the time of your bet. so if you bet on a 10-1 underdog, your winnings are not washed out by some rich fuck who bets the same way after you and brings the odds down to 5-1. this would require in-the-ballpark initial seeds, but it rewards those who are "first to the racetrack"

Tuesday 12th August, 2008

Odds will be calculated using both the amount of bets and amount of cash put on each option.

Wednesday 13th August, 2008

I think hosting a big duelmania-like 1on1 tourney would be a pretty good idea. Lots of people have been asking about it ever since Ownage 1 ended ages ago. Tourneys always bring some refreshing activity:
There's games to bet on, games that people want to follow, teamspeak commentary, drama, something to argue/talk about, etc.

Also, from a player's perspective, I think it's pretty important to keep the scene attractive to the more 'oldschool' players. I mean it's obviously essential that QW is kept attractive to rookie players, so things like Ignition and all the other countless efforts are something that shouldn't come to a standstill, but all that might be worth nothing if for every new 'recruit' an oldschool player gets bored and stops playing QW.

phil's one-map-tournaments have worked out well so far and I'm fairly thrilled about the current activity in the (duel) scene despite it being summer holidays, but those tournaments that phil is organising should be complementing other ("normal") duel tournaments, not replacing them.

So... my vote goes to a big tb5 duel-tourney à la duelmania. Could call it "drama queen". :)

Wednesday 13th August, 2008

Do a quakeworld ladder and make it by region. Make demo uploading for every match mandatory. Have arcsin integrate the ladder into your site. :p

Wednesday 13th August, 2008

Totally agree with soma, we could use a big tb5 duel-tourney!
and ladders, to me, is a big no-no... I wouldn't sign up for such idea as fog's.

Wednesday 13th August, 2008

agreed on the article and soma and bps.

One thing i think qw lacks is still the stats. everyone loves them. but a website that combines stats from all servers doesnt exist, and i would like very much to see it. time to think of a solution on how to use the existing stats options in mvdsv/ktx, delivering them in ONE place. qwdrama can be that place. maybe even integrate the imported stats to goldrush...

Wednesday 13th August, 2008

oh and about the tb5 duel tournament... i've heard eb and racer will bring duelmania back really soon, so that is covered:)

Thursday 14th August, 2008

well I agree, qw needs a tb5-1on1-tourney but! no racer no duelmania :/ someone just kick something until it shits out a dueltournament
and as far as goes, I think the site is kickin'! with the lack of articles aside(though there's not much to write about now). But you guys could do some exciting games coverage, before and after.

Friday 15th August, 2008

is it possible to use the same userdatabase from the forum to wiki, goldrush and schedule?

Friday 15th August, 2008

What forum?'s? Integrating wiki, goldrush and other qwdrama sites is doable but isn't part of our network. It might be possible technically but I don't think we want to do that anyway.

Friday 15th August, 2008

I mean integrating qwdrama network logins = possible & good suggestion
but integrating qwdrama and = possible but very likely won't happen

Friday 15th August, 2008

I would be more open for this shared user database suggestion if wasn't based on PHPbb, which is very hacker-friendly.

It takes not more than 1 minute to get a user account for either of qwdrama/ so it isn't a big problem, we got other things to do that has a higher priority imo.

Saturday 16th August, 2008

Whoever mentioned player stats is thinking like a genius. A good example of maybe what you would want on a players stats page would be this:

Kind of like a forums page except have frag stats, maps played, tournament results etc. Would be pretty dope imo.

Saturday 16th August, 2008

To get some more drama I suggest that some of the room to the right should be devoted to the, oooh yeah, _real_ drama! Such drama news we all want! E.g. "WHAT IS DRUIDZ AND WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?".

Maybe all the allready registered users to Goldrush should be able to post these kinds of drama. At least not anyone. But anyone should be able to register. We don't want too much fakenicks do we?

There should be a policy that it's not for FORUM-kinds of posts. It should only be NEWS. News about new clans exposed/formed, clan hoppers, fakenicks revealed (this could be fun), Hagges/jOns all time excuses, what Milton had for breakfast etc. etc. Of course they should be able to be answered to in a "comments"-area as the real news. This would really add drama to the scene! And also some exciting rumours!

Something like this:

Just a thought!

Sunday 17th August, 2008

Eta: the "you tell us" box has basically the same idea except only we can see the entries that come through the form. I think it's better that way because if everyone is able to see the messages then it is nolonger a secret and therefore makes the story less interesting. Registeration might cut some crap out but last few months we have received like 1-2 messages, so it doesn't really make any difference. One of the messages of course coming from that retard Jimo, spamming his shit blog. Anyway, good discussion.

Monday 25th August, 2008

If you are going to change goldrush, could you then add a feature that would let other sites, like EQL, NQR and easily add matches by providing an xml file or something. It's a pain to add every match manually.

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