Time for NQR? Nope.

Thursday 25th September, 2008 | Skip to comments (12)

Since quite a lot of people have been asking, I guess it’s about time to announce that NQR 12 will, if at all, not take place anytime soon. But as sad as that may sound, there’s no reason to get overly frustrated about it.

Over the last weeks the EQL guys have been pretty patient with the NQR staff, giving way to them since it was actually their “turn” to run a season. However, with EQL being more or less ready to launch a season and NQR being far from that, I guess it’s only rational to let them take the slot. Any further delay would simply be counterproductive.

For now, the fate of NQR remains somewhat uncertain. We’ll know more in a few months…

Until then, I suggest you get your boys together and prepare for EQL. Stay tuned for further announcements.

12 responses to “Time for NQR? Nope.”

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Thursday 25th September, 2008

sad news imo. what are the reasons?

Åke Vader
Thursday 25th September, 2008

Let the whine begin about how EQL brings forth the doom of this world etc!

Friday 26th September, 2008

Please leave 2on2 out of EQL this time.

Friday 26th September, 2008

Why was the parallell 2on2 league a problem bent,

Did it affect the amount of played 4on4 games at all?

Saturday 27th September, 2008

Im sure the EQL dudes will do a great job this time, just support them and it will be fine! Sad though without NQR, since last season was kind of a success. Soma <3

Get the 4on4 action going! Can't wait after all this focus on 1on1-crap-o-rama! :D

Saturday 27th September, 2008

i agree

Saturday 27th September, 2008

go eql-guys!

Saturday 27th September, 2008

no peppe no fun

Saturday 27th September, 2008

Soma, help out with EQL in the meantime! o/ qw to the ppl!

Sunday 28th September, 2008

not long until nqr dies without the brilliance leadership of gaz, who did mostly everything in recent times. eql have got it wrong 2 seasons in a row, awfully wrong at that. Sadly i dont hold much hope for this next installment and its a pity because however wonderful this duel tourney has been most players miss the 4v4 competition, including myself.

Tuesday 30th September, 2008

Thank god EQL is coming, allthough the league had 2 tough seasons previously. Really looking forward to some 4n4.

Wednesday 1st October, 2008

marv, why was last nqr so bad? i think it was a nice turney! :)

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