Mixed2on2: QuakeWorld divorces

Tuesday 14th October, 2008 | Skip to comments (8)

Luckyshot has decided to restart his former QuakeWorld competition titled “Mixed2on2″. Roughly five years ago when he first organised this competition, it was restricted for Finnish players only and eventually won by Fix and Rampage. This time however, it is open for anyone to sign up. Beware though fellow Transatlantic members of beloved community: HPB times await you!

The basic concept behind this competition is that everyone signs up individually rather than signing up an already existing 2on2-team. Once the signup-phase is completed, Luckyshot will randomly create 32 teams and a standard competition-bracket. This bracket will consist of a winners bracket and a losers bracket, so every player will get to play at least 2 games.

To spice things up even more, each player will get a new mate after every round. So yes, since everyone is free to sign up, you might end up with the biggest noob in QuakeWorld. I know the thought of having to play with a lower-skilled player makes a lot of people out there sweat, but if you happen to embrace randomness, this might be just the thing for you!

Up to this point, 37 players have signed up to the challenge. And if you like what you read above, you should follow this link and sign up too! However, you should make sure you have enough time and go on IRC regularly. Neither Luckyshot, nor anyone else in this tourney would appreciate having to team up with someone who is nowhere to be found.

Mixed 2on2

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Wednesday 15th October, 2008

Perhaps it says somewhere in the rules. But supose your teammate doesnt show up for the game. Who will get thru to the next round? Or is the game played 2v1?

Wednesday 15th October, 2008

I've been wondering about that as well... Say you're really reliable but unfortunately end up with some guy who's nowhere to be found. Other team gets WO and you get kicked out the tourney? Enlighten us!

Wednesday 15th October, 2008

Yes, I have thought of that. Since there will be new lottery on each sunday (or if all the games for the current round are played before sunday then the lottery will be immediately after the last score has been told to me), i can´t wait longer than sunday for game results. So unfortunately the more "active" team trying to schedule the game will advance to the next round, and the "inactive" one will end up in the losers bracket or out of the CUP.

I know these are hard decisions as there is always two sides of things when trying to schedule a game. One team could play on tuesday, wednesday, and saturday and the other team can only play on thursday and friday. I just have to make the right decisions based on the info I have. Lets hope there won´t be these kind of situations.

There is currently three players whom I have not accepted to the CUP, since I don´t know how to contact them.

maks (Poland)
Trygve (Norway)
Infidel (Russia) (was last seen at irc 16 days ago)

I will accept them if they will provide me a reliable way for me and everyone else to contact them.

Wednesday 15th October, 2008

I have some ideas on my mind for the W.O situation. I will decide on them before the CUP starts on sunday.

One idea is that both teams of the game with K.O will be eliminated from the CUP completely and I will use another lottery of players to move back to Winners Bracket. So the idea is to purely give the promotion back to Winners Bracket for being active (the lottery will consist all of the players from the losers bracket and obviously lost in the current round). So you can´t be promoted back to the Winners Bracket in the fourth round if you have lost a game in the first, second or the third round, but only if you lost your game on fourth round.

So that would be somewhat equal treatment for the both teams that couldn´t get their game played and therefore both will be kicked out (yes, this might also mean that a team which could have played their game just couldn´t get the other team to play). Maybe that sounds complicated for my lack of English.

This is just idea. I will update some ground rules to the News page before sunday.

Wednesday 15th October, 2008

Sounds like you put quite a bit of thought into it. Thumbs up!

As for Trgyve, you can find him on #naim. I wouldn’t bother with Infidel though to be honest. :)

Friday 2nd January, 2009

haha im gonna signup watch out ppl! :)

Friday 2nd January, 2009

yeah october right :(

Saturday 3rd January, 2009

Hah a little bit too late bloodninja :)

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