qwdrama going down

Friday 9th January, 2009 | Skip to comments (4)

Due to lack of motivation and the idle status of the QW-scene we have decided not to keep qwdrama.com and it will expire within a month or two.

GFX/Wiki/Goldrush and an archive copy of qwdrama will be hosted at QuakeWorld.nu.

Have fun, ggs!

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Friday 9th January, 2009

sad to hear, always liked qwdrama :)

Friday 9th January, 2009


Friday 9th January, 2009

great site going down :( but good to hear that the nice features will remain

Friday 9th January, 2009

yeah, always good stuff from qwdrama.. actually visited the page just the other day and since there was no update for a long time I got the thought in my head that the page would be dead in just a day or two.. and now this :( sniff! appreciate all the work that has been done by the qwdrama ppl! <3

same comment that I posted on quakeworld.nu, but I didn't realize at first that there were some news about it here as well :)

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